Monday, October 26, 2009

Emie is 14~!!

I can't believe my teenager is 14!! In fact, I've been in denial for a while now--thus the reason for posting so late! :) Emie is the best firstborn that Heavenly Father could've sent to this home! She is so mellow, and just goes with the flow no matter the situation. Emie always knows just the right thing to say, and the right way to say it, and even when to say nothing, which is a harder thing for some of us in this family! I do have to say that when I mentioned that Joshua had mastered the art of sarcasm at an early age--there was no better teacher for him than Emie! She is so gifted at the art of sarcasm, she can blurt something ridiculous out and keep a perfectly straight and serene expression, and people have no idea that she is completely joking. She definitely gets that from her father--who still manages to fool me sometimes, even after almost 16 years of marriage! All joking aside--I am so proud of this daughter of mine. She is beautiful, and smart, and amazing! I love her so much, and life truly would be miserable without her in our family! She let me take some pictures of her yesterday so I could post them here. I love the way they turned out--she looks so amazing! We love you Em!

14 things we LOVE about Emie:
1. She is smart as a whip--we don't quite know where she gets it, but she is so smart it amazes me! The best thing? She is so humble about it!
2. She is so funny, she says the funniest things, sometimes under her breath, but she can turn a tense situation into a fun one really fast!
3. She is awesome at pretty much anything she tries, now that's amazing!
4. Again, we don't know where she gets it--but she has a beautiful voice, and can sing almost any part, high or low.
5. She is an amazing pianist...I know where she got that one! Thanks to all her teachers over the years--and to Dad for putting up ALL that $$$--but ask Emie, she has had to practice--A LOT!
6. Emie has a great smile! I can't wait for those braces to come off so we see it more!
7. She is a great friend, and extremely loyal. Emie is the type of friend you would love to have. She'll stick by her friends, and she's not a gossiper or a backbiter. I admire that in a person!
8. She is almost done with her YW Recognition--6 projects to go! Making her do all her goals to get her cell phone got her fired up!
9. She is a diligent student--always getting straight A's.
10. She is a night owl like her mother--sometimes I'll go upstairs after midnight, and her light is still on, and she'll be trying on clothes and stuff--crazy girl!
11. She loves to sleep these two go together??
12. Emie doesn't talk back, she is very respectful--most of the time!
13. She LOVES her family, and takes good care of her brothers and sisters. She is a great babysitter.
14. She is the BEST daughter anyone could ever ask for! I love you Emie!

Her "I'm so happy to be here" face!


kbhull said...

I love Emie!! I can't believe how old she looks in these pictures! Such a beauty!!!

Kelsey Stenquist said...

I agree with Kristy she looks so beautiful!! Did you get a new camera?

Cassi Alaine said...

What a BABE!!!!

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