Tuesday, August 16, 2011

First Day of SCHOOL! 2011....

This year, the first day of school came WAY too fast for me!  Although I'm sure the kids were ready to go back, I'm not sure I was ready to let go of them quite yet--and I'm quite sure I was not ready to let go of my 9-10 a.m. summer wake up time quite yet!  Alas, school begins on schedule, and we have to get going on schedules, and carpools, and homework, and sports, and practices, and---well, you get the picture!  CRAZINESS ensues when school begins!  If all goes well, it will be an "organized chaos" (really?  is there any such thing as that?) I guess it's up to me to figure it all out! 
Emie and Erin were the first ones off--A hour is bright & early at 6:30 a.m. (OUCH).  Yep, Gilbert public schools is TOTALLY into the torture of teenagers!  These poor ladies have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn--then, in December and January, they have to leave while it's still DARK outside to go to A hour.  I feel so sorry for them!  Most of the time, my sweet husband takes them, and I stay in my warm bed until at least 7:30 when the other kids have to be out of bed.  That's the JOY of having an early riser in the house!  The hard thing is when I am up blogging at 2 a.m., and he is up by 5 a.m. and in bed by 8!  Sometimes we don't even talk in a day!  But the girls usually get to spend their quality time with Dad in the morning, and he is so sweet to make sure they get a bite to eat and say a prayer before going into that MADHOUSE they call school every day!  Here they are on the 1st day of school:
Emie:  Sophomore Year, 15 years old

Erin:  Freshman Year, 14 years old

The little kids get to sleep an extra few HOURS, and don't have to be at school until 8:30!  Lucky them, and ME!  They were all so excited for school--they have been waking up at this time all summer, mind you, so this was not a real shocker for their system!  Actually going to school WAS however, as evidenced by their moods when they got home, and the fact that they were snapping at each other, crying for no reason, and generally rotten.  They were pooped when they got home! I have to try to keep in mind that it is still 110 degrees most days in August, and boy does that wear on you when you're not spending your whole day lounging by the pool!  Gotta love those summer days!  Reminiscing already?  Yes, I miss it already!
Abby:  6th Grade, 11 years old

 Josh:  3rd Grade, 8 years old (and I am amazed I actually got a SMILE out of him for once--and not a goofy face!)

Ashlie:  1st Grade, 6 years old (and no--her hair isn't all chopped off, it was in a cute braid!)

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