Sunday, November 8, 2009


My scale is stuck! Seriously--it's stuck on stupid.

We have been jogging and training for this 1/2 marathon--running at least 20 miles a week for 3 months now--and do you think that my scale has budged? Ummm...yep--it's gone up and down, between 150.0 and 153. Up and down, week after week. It sits by my toilet--beckoning me. "Come", it says, "just weigh yourself this morning. Surely you lost weight after that 10 mile run." So I make sure to empty my bladder, and strip down to bare bones before I get into the shower, and like a fool I jump on that blasted scale. I can't tell you how many times in the last few months that stupid scale has read exactly 150.0. Even when it read the exact same the day before. I have even resorted to trying to pee a little more to make that retarded scale go down--just one ounce--all I want is for that stupid scale to go to 149.9. Is that too much to ask?? Once I weighed in 3 different times--hoping for at least one reading that was different and all three were 150.0. It's messing with my head, and I sometimes want to throw that thing through the window. I will tell you that I haven't changed my eating habits--but they are no worse then they were pre-jogging, so in my mind if I am running 5 miles a day, and eating the same, shouldn't I LOSE a little weight? Just a little? You always hear of people jogging and losing like hundreds of pounds--why can't I just lose like 2?
Last week I thought for sure I had that scale beat. The day before our 12 mile run--which I blogged about HERE--I weighed in at a whopping 150.6. For sure, that was the day I was going to go below 150. I was gleeful after I jogged for 2 1/2 hours, and sweated, and suffered--because FINALLY I was going to beat that dreaded dumb scale. I got home and was careful to not take a drink of water--even though 12 miles is a LONG time to go without water and I was dying of thirst! I went into my bathroom and got rid of the only water left in my bladder and stripped down for my moment of glory.


I hate that stupid, dumb, retarded scale.


Tawni said...

I SOOO hear you sister!
I have been running 11 months now and I have fluctuated MAYBE 5 lbs! SERIOUSLY? It makes me soo mad too and I wonder if I have had my scale too long and it doesn't work as well as a new one would?
I don't know what it is, but it SUCKS!
There are soo many runners that are skinny! I want to look like I run, If i'm gonna feel the pain, I wanna look the part, right? ugh

Kettle Family said...

when i trained for my ragnar race i gain like eight pounds, but i have to say i did look more toned, and im sure that is the case with you!

Kristine said...

I feel your pain! I lived what you are describing while training for(2) 1/2 marthons, (1) trialthon, (2) 10ks & (2) 5ks for 1 1/2 years. Why does a woman's body hold on like that???? I keep saying that the biggest loser should have a medium loser or just a "the last 10 pounds loser". Good luck on Saturday!! I will be sending positive thoughts that the scale will like you that day:)!

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