Monday, November 16, 2009

The Family Bed...

I have never been a big fan of the family bed. I know people say that they love sleeping with their children, and it makes their children feel safe, and secure, and loved...but ummm...I need some space to sleep man! My children will tell you--I am a much better mother when I have a good night's sleep! We tried the family bed with the first few children, I was too lazy to get up and put them back into their beds, but I remember one night when I was hugely pregnant with Abby, and Emie and Erin had both crawled into bed with us. I was in a deep, restful sleep, and suddenly jerked awake when I fell right off the bed onto the floor! That was IT--these girls needed to learn to sleep in their OWN bed! There were long nights, but we managed to teach them that they needed to stay out of our room until it was light outside. With my new baby, I was careful to get up and nurse her, so she wouldn't get used to being in my bed--EVER! I have done this with each of my kids since--and you know what it was working great. Until now. Ashlie is one of those kids who's mind is always working. I don't think she ever really stops thinking about things. Her mind is very active, and so are her patterns of sleep--which causes her to dream--A LOT! Every other night at least lately she crawls into bed with us because of a bad dream. Her room is up a long flight of stairs--and I have been too tired to go and take her back to bed, so I have just slid her over by Todd and gone back to sleep. Well guess what? My little Jack is now climbing out of his crib! 18 months--and he figured out how to get out of that blasted thing. DANG! So now I have frequent visits from BOTH children in the night--and here's what we found on a morning last week:
Does it look like there's any room for ME in there?? I want my bed back!

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Tawni said...

Yikes! I have never been a fan of that either. Hunter moves around soo much he would kick me or hit me in the face with his arm. And then pee the bed. Yuck!
I prefer my own bed!

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