Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Emie Went to PROM!...

Emie was super surprised and excited a few weeks ago when she got asked to PROM!  Kind of a big deal here in the city, since it's a Junior/Senior prom, and she is a Sophomore.  You can only go if someone older asks you.  Actually, I was in on the secret, since the guy who asked her is in our ward, and his mom had called me to make sure it was ok for him to ask her last-minute.  We only had two weeks to pull it all together--but we managed to find a beautiful dress that only needed minimal modifications, and it worked out just beautifully!  He asked Emie by putting about 100 packs of Smarties candies, wrapped, in a vase with roses.  Inside some of the packages were letters in his name that she had to unscramble.  I'll be danged if I didn't have 4000 Smarties candies all over the kitchen before she figured it out!  It was a MESS--but such a cute idea!

She was happy to find out that it was one of her good friends, Jake Whiting!  Then, the rush to find everything began!  It is no small task to find a moment to spend shopping with Emie these days!  She is running track, and playing volleyball, not to mention trying to keep her grades up!  A HUGE blessing came when I was out to lunch with my sis-in-law Katie, and she mentioned a girl in her ward who had gathered a huge collection of prom dresses from a lady at a bridal shop.  It had started out as a quest to get modest dresses to loan out for prom, but then they went to a bridal show, and a lady offered them 5 boxes of gowns that were out of production.  They ended up with over 300 dresses!  They want people to rent them, make them modest, and bring them back.  We visited them on a Saturday morning, and within 2 hours, we had 2 dresses (one for regular prom, and one for Mormon prom in a few weeks), for less than $100!  It was amazing!  Here is their website, that tells more about their project--what a fabulous idea!  DIVINE DESIGNS DRESSES  We found a cute pair of shoes, and jewelry, and before we knew it, the day had come! 

Emie spent the morning at her volleyball tournament, and got home at 2:30, jumped in the shower, and had Kelsey there by 3 to do her hair.  It was sweet for Kelsey to come over and do it, since she would be leaving us the next week to travel to Dominica, where her husband was accepted into Medical School!  I know she had a million other things she could have been doing, but we appreciated her coming over to beautify Emie on her special day.  I even talked her into putting on eyeliner!  *GASP*  I know.  You know how to make sure your kids don't shock you by wearing a lot of makeup?  Wear a lot yourself.  Every one of my girls is so terrified of looking as pasty and made up as their mother, that they will hardly touch the stuff!  And you know what?  That's okay by me!  Ha!  When she got done, she looked AMAZING!  I can't believe this is my little tomboy, who at one point in the 3rd and 4th grade, rocked camouflage almost every day at school!  She has sure turned into a beautiful young lady! 

 Dad had to help a little with the boutineer!  Good thing Dads are good at that!  ;)

Jake was a perfect gentleman, and from what I heard, he was the life of the party everywhere they went that night!  Emie had a fabulous time, and laughed the entire evening.  He even managed to get her home close to midnight, so that we got a good night's sleep!  P.S. If any of you try to talk your kid into wearing their prom dress or tux to church the next day--BAD IDEA!  Apparently, that's just what they did back in the "Olden Days".  We made Emie wear hers, and she was the only one there with it on, so she said, "I told you--now can I go home and change?" And we let her.  Good thing I didn't bet her the $100 that someone else would be wearing it!  Come to find out--they have frowned upon wearing them to church so as not to show off, or offend those girls and guys who didn't go to prom, which makes perfect sense when I think about it--but I didn't get the memo on that one.  They must have announced it during the opening announcements (you know...that I am never on time for).  Oh well, lesson learned!

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Amberly said...

she looks amazing! I'm glad to know there are still modest options for dresses... it seems discouraging when I see what girls are wearing now. Will sleeves even exist when seneca is old enough?? glad she had a good time, she is so beautiful.

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