Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day...

Reasons why I LOVE being a mother:
*I love that moment when your baby looks at you and you lock eyes and know that he acutally sees you for the first time and smiles. It's like meeting him all over again.
*I love that I am such a good mother that by the time my children reach age 10, they actually know everything--that takes some good parenting!
*I love the feeling I get when I see my children accomplish something all on their own--I feel so proud of them and their independence.
*I love the sweet sound of "ma ma" when my baby says it for the first time, and actually means me. I also love how that cute little word turns into "MOOOOOOOOOM!!!" so quickly (and becomes a little less cute).
*I love that my kids think that no one but me knows where anything is in the house. And I love that blank look they give me when they ask me to help them with something and I say "go ask your dad".
*I love reading the same book over and over because it's her favorite!
*I love that my children are all so different and unique--it makes things unpredictable and it makes our house so much fun.
*I love that the laundry, the dishes, the cleaning are never really done--what would I do with myself if I actually ever finished them??? Then I would have to start on that long list of things I will do when all the cleaning is done, and who wants to touch that list, not me!
*I love when I'm awake with the baby at 3:00 a.m. and it's so quiet in the house and it's just me and him. I love that alone time to share with this new little spirit. I don't think I appreciated it with my first few kids, but I do now.
*I love the things my kids say--even sometimes when they're bad. It's so funny to me when my toddler says a *&^%&*^ word precisely on cue. It reminds me that they are watching and listening to everything I do and say! (It's only happened a few times....really...).
*I love when my children write me notes like this: "Dear mom, I love you so much. I will miss you when you die, but I will see you in Heaven." Priceless!!! (Erin's mothers day card).
*I love that I have an excuse for the fat around my middle, and I can blame it on my kids and not my bad eating habits!
*I love to hear my children bear their testimony, and know that I had a part in teaching them the Gospel. Those crazy family home evenings where we thought we were wasting our time have actually paid off!
*I love that I have strong-willed children. They will need to be strong to face the temptations in this world, and my children will be able to weather the storm. I think they will accomplish great things with their determination, when they use it for good.
*I love that my kids love each other. Although, sometimes that means they gang up on me.
*I love when my preteens roll their eyes at me--it usually means I'm doing something right as a parent!
*I love to use the T.V. as a babysitter. Don't judge me--Dora the Explorer is a lot more entertaining than I am--and sometimes I need her to take the kids for awhile so I can have a shower or just a few minutes to myself!
*I love to say all of those things that I hated my parents to say to me to my kids. "Life's not fair", "because I said so", "when you're the mom, you can make the rules", etc. I also like to make up my own little gems like, "Are you kidding me??"or "Zip it!" which I say 10 times a day.
*I love to take my babies out of the tub and wrap them all up in a warm towel and snuggle them, they're just SO cute, and smell SO good!
These are just a few things I love about being a mother. I am so grateful for this time in my life--I want to enjoy every minute of it! I want my kids to know I LOVE being their mom, and it makes me proud that I have 6 great kids! Is life crazy? Sure, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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