Friday, September 23, 2011


Moving is TERRIBLE--if you have ever done it, you don't want to do it again, but this time it has been especially ridiculous.  First of all, we have always upsized, and now we are downsizing--by HALF.  Yeah, that means nothing fits.  So we have been to Goodwill a lot today, since I don't feel like bargaining with people I don't know who want to offer me $10 for something I paid $500 for.  Snobby? Yep.  Oh well.  We are already taking it in the shorts on our house, why add to that?  We are sure hoping that with this move, our luck will start to turn around a bit. We were SO lucky to have a friend find us a rental house right in our neighborhood, and it is a really nice house.  It will be really nice to only have to keep one story clean too, so I am looking forward to that--and the electric bill will be under $1000--which ours has been for 3 months now, so that will be AMAZING!  YAY!  Anyway, to say the least, moving sucks, and these pictures pretty much sum up my day today...and we are just getting started!  (We have SO MUCH CRAP!) P.S. The 140 food storage boxes you see (YEP, that's over 800 #10 cans of food) were boxed up by me, moved out of the basement storage room by me, and somehow, Todd put a neighbor to work moving them up the stairs into the garage, and you guessed it, he LEFT to take some things to Goodwill, leaving me and my awesome neighbor to move them all AGAIN (simply the WORST job ever).  I don't know how he gets out of that awful job every time, but I felt like killing him today...but he's no dummy!
 Then, there's my favorite--I found this box in Abby's room and Ashlie had packed it.  We cracked up when we saw how she labeled it.  I would say, she pretty much summed up my life in 4 words, I feel like stamping it on my forehead today:
Now a bonus:  For your viewing pleasure, here is us when we moved into the house 2 1/2 years ago, trying to get our $6000 Creative Leather couch into the gameroom in the basement.  Surprise! It wouldn't go around the corner--and Todd ended up cutting it in half basically, frame and all, and piecing it back together.  Well, guess what we had to do today?  Yep.  We had to get that STUPID COUCH back UP those stairs!  Joke was on us, because if we thought it was a pain in the you know what to get it DOWN, you should have seen us taking it back UP!  Let's just say it was no picnic, and it really wasn't as funny this time...moving makes you CRAZY!

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