Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday JACK!...

I can't believe my BABY is 3!  Jack's birthday was a lot of FUN!  We started the day with our new tradition...the QT donut birthday cake!  Dad got everyone up early so we could sing Happy Birthday to Jack before Emie went to school.  Later, we regretted getting Jack up that early...he takes after his MOM and does so much better when we let him sleep in!  The funny thing was--he was SO upset all day about his presents.  We wanted to do presents after cake and ice cream--but he did NOT want to wait!  He was asking ALL DAY--"WHERE ARE MY PRESENTS?" He was a little bit of a bear all day, but after a nap, he was rarin' to go!  That night we went over to Bounce U to use a groupon that I had for Open Bounce!  $19 for 5 kids--what a smokin' deal!  The kids (even the bigger ones) had a great time.  We especially loved the boxing gloves, the spider tower, and the hurricane machine!  We came home and had pizza, and Karin's family came over for cake and ice cream.  Here are 3 things that I LOVE about my BABY JACK:
1. Jack is FUNNY!  Lately his favorite movie is the 3 Ninjas--so once in awhile you will get a kick to the shin, or a karate chop to the jaw when you least expect it!  OUCH! 
2. Jack is HAPPY!  Jack loves his brothers and sisters, loves being outside and playing, loves watching movies, loves hanging out with mom and dad while the other kids are in school, you get the idea--Jack just loves life!  And boy do I love this kid!
3. Jack is my little bed buddy--and let me tell you, if he was not the LAST kid--this wouldn't be going over very well!  Yet, I have learned from experience that this stage will not last long, and soon, this baby like the rest of them will be trying to stay as far away from his crazy mom as he can.  For now, each night when I hear him running into my room, slamming the door, and climbing over top of me to get to his favorite position between our two pillows, I give him a kiss, snuggle him, and enjoy the smell of my sweet BABY.  They do grow up too fast after's TRUE!  :(
Happy Birthday JACK!  Love you buddy!

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