Sunday, March 20, 2011


So a few months ago, Todd's parents started to float the idea of chartering a bus for our whole family to go to Disneyland for Spring Break.  With 9 married children, and now more than 40 grandchildren--making this trip happen was no small task!  We managed to get most of us here (we missed Billy who is in an oral surgery residency at the moment & couldn't get away), and found a bus that would fit us all--and away we went!  I can't tell you how excited the kids were when the bus pulled around the corner to pick us all up!  It was HUGE!  What a way to travel!  The men could relax, the kids could all ride together (they are always fighting over who gets to ride in who's car when we travel together), and we could sing songs, and watch movies the whole way to Disneyland!  We had such a great time on that bus--and it wasn't even as loud and crazy as I thought it would be!  I wasn't sure if the bus driver would be able to handle the 40 kids under age 17--but he was GREAT!  Our kids were amazingly well behaved, and kind to one another--and miracle of all miracles--NO ONE THREW UP!

Disneyland was super crowded (economic recovery?), but tons of FUN!  We rode rides, got fast passes, got stroller swap passes, and rode some more.  I love Disneyland because there really is something for everyone!  The kids settled into waiting in lines, and really didn't complain much.  The hardest part was staying together, and making sure I knew where my kids were, and who they ran off with!  The teenagers pretty much did their own thing this time--there were about 10 of them, so they just stuck together & conquered the parks themselves.  I think they had a great time together--and they even picked up a few friends along the way who happened to be there the same time!  All three nights we were there, the park was open until midnight--although we only actually made it to closing one time!  My kids were POOPED!  Sue had the cutest T-shirts made--they were bright RED and made it easy to find everyone in the crowd!  With over 60 people in our group we sure stood out!  The saying she put on the front was, "The family that prays together, and PLAYS together, stays together!"  This definitely describes Todd's family!  We love to pray and play together!

On our way home, David and Jessica knew a place where you could go in Orange County to ride a hot air balloon for FREE!  We got to go in groups in this hot air balloon over 350 feet in the air!  It was so much fun and a once in a lifetime experience!  There were some rides, and a park to play in while the kids were waiting--it was perfect to get them tired before our LONG ride home!  We arrived in Gilbert around 11 on Thursday night!  It was the vacation of a lifetime, and I am SO grateful for Todd's parents for making it happen!  I am so lucky to belong to such a beautiful family, who love to spend time together, and make wonderful memories!  My kids will NEVER forget this amazing vacation!  Thank you so much Grandma and Grandpa for making it happen!  We love you!

As usual--I took WAY too many here is just a sampling of our AMAZING time!

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Huston Family said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! You deserve it!! We keep saying were gona go when the baby gets bigger. Then we have another baby. Maybe next year when Tres gets home. (baring any babies! hee hee)

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