Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's GREAT to be EIGHT!...

The last day of Fall Break was Josh's 8th birthday!  HOORAY!  We had a great day, and took the family to one of Josh's favorite places for lunch--Peter Piper Pizza!  He got to spend all the tickets himself--a real prize!  He was even kind enough to get his younger siblings a little something!  We are so excited for Josh to be baptized next month!  He has been thinking, and talking a lot about being baptized, and I think he is more than ready!  Here's 8 things I LOVE about my BOY!
1.  You need ENERGY--this boy never runs out!
2.  That AMAZING smile!  Someday he will grow into those teeth of his! 
3.  His quick wit, and older than his age sarcasm.  He is the master. (His teacher says he is her favorite for that reason--he makes her laugh daily with some smart remark.  Good thing she is a good sport!)
4.  He's really good at almost anything he tries, and willing to try anything.
5.  At heart, he's a momma's boy (but don't tell him I said that--he WILL deny it)!
6.  He's pretty dang smart, and a hard worker.  His room is always the cleanest believe it or not!
7.  Josh is pretty dang FAST!  At cub scout day camp he had one of the fastest 50 yard dash times (even against the Webelos)!
8.  He is an amazing son, and brother & we LOVE him SOOooooOOO much! 


Natali Puga said...

Where's Emie's facts?!
I'm dying to see those.

Tami said...

They're coming! I'm so far behind!

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