Tuesday, October 26, 2010

WOW--Is she REALLY 15???..

Emie was giving me a hard time last night because I hadn't blogged about her birthday yet--but hey, it's crazy around here this time of year!  We really didn't forget, in fact, dad got up early (5 a.m.) to go to QT to get her some doughnuts & we sang to her before she left for school.  We also went & picked her and her friend McKessa up from school to take them to lunch (they had a birthday the same week)!  Todd set these doughnuts up this way by the way--isn't he so cute!?!
I really can't believe that it's been 15 years since I brought this baby home!  I will never forget the moment she came into this world, and looking at her for the first time, and realizing what a miracle life is.  It was such a spiritual experience, to know that this sweet daughter had just come from Heavenly Father.  It was such a sweet moment when I felt that bond with her and realized how much I already loved her, even though she had only been with us for a few minutes.  It is truly a miracle.  Emie has brought our family nothing but joy!  I got out some cute pictures & scanned them in last night--what a cutie!
Here's some more pics of her doing her absolute favorite thing--even when she was a baby--she couldn't get enough to READ!  She would sneak into the closet, or sit in her room for hours and read books.  I would often find her asleep with a book in her hands!  Yep--she's always been that smart!
Because she was the first child--she was never lacking for attention--or affection!  We smothered her with love from the minute she came into our life!  I am always reminding her of that now when she has so much responsibility with her siblings.  She was so lucky to have our full, undivided attention for 2 whole years!  And I was lucky to have such a sweet, loving, adorable baby all to myself! 
I'll tell you what--those pictures seem like they were taken yesterday!  It's really true when people tell you your kids will be grown before you know it!  I can't believe what a beautiful and amazing young woman I have had the priviledge to raise!  Just look at her now!
Here are 15 things I LOVE about my Emie:
1.  She is so FUNNY--she is so sarcastic, that sometimes it's hard to tell when she's joking--but she seriously makes me laugh SO hard sometimes with her quick humor, and her sarcastic wit!
2.  She is a hard worker!  She has worked so hard at volleyball this year--and I'm so proud of her for sticking with it and becoming an awesome player.  It has been so fun to watch her develop her talents!
3.  She is an amazing piano player--& she finally enjoys playing just for fun!  HOORAY!
4.  She is an awesome singer & has an ear for harmony.  She has always had a good ear for music.
5.  She never holds a grudge--even if she's mad at you, she will still interact with you and talk to you.  She never stays mad for long, and is very forgiving.
6.  She is SO stinkin' SMART!  She is taking 4 honors classes & getting a great grade in all of them--that's amazing to me! 
7.  She really tries to get along with each of her siblings and make them feel special.  They all love for her to babysit them because she's fun to be with, and doesn't lose her temper.
8.  Speaking of her temper--Emie is so amazing to me because she is hardly ever angry!  She has such a good attitude, and never fights or argues.  That goes a LONG way when you're a teenager!
9.  She chooses good friends.  I LOVE all of her friends!
10.  She constantly strives to be trustworthy.  She has always been honest with us, even telling us little things she may have done wrong, and asking for forgiveness.  I love that she is honest.
11.  Emie is FUN!  She always wants to be doing something fun, she's really not the sit around the house type!
12.  Emie is a lot like ME!  She not only looks like me--but I'm afraid she got some of the personality traits she has from her dear old mom.  She is a little (lets face it--a LOT) forgetful, absent minded some of the time, and for being so intelligent--she has a few airheaded qualities!  I actually love that about her--it makes her human!
13.  Emie is accepting of others and goes out of her way to make people feel included.  She has been the president of her mia maid class this year, and has really grown into that role, and taken it to heart.  She wants each girl in her class to feel loved and included.  It is in her nature to love people unconditionally.
14.  Let's face it--she's SO CUTE!  Look at that face--what's not to LOVE!
15.  And I think most important--Emie has an AMAZING testimony of the gospel.  I have always told people she is an old soul.  It's nothing that we have done--she came here with a purpose, and from an early age, she knew what her purpose here on earth was.  She knows why she is here, where she is going, and how she is going to accomplish the goals she has for herself--and boy are those goals HIGH!  I am so proud of the choices she has made, and how she never compromises herself or her standards.  She loves her Heavenly Father, and that is apparent in everything she does! 
We love you Em--and we are so proud of you!  I know this next year can't go fast enough for you--but I am hoping time will just slow down just a little so we can have you around here just a little longer!

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