Saturday, March 6, 2010

Getting to the Temple..

Sometimes do you feel like when you really need to go to the temple it seems like there are always obstacles thrown in your way? Well, yesterday was one of those days. We knew we needed to make it to the temple before 6 in order to get a session in, it's always so crowded on Fridays, so we were ready to leave by 4:30, and thought it would be an early night. Then, we got a call from Emie, saying she and her friends needed a ride home from track. Okay, no problem. Todd was on his way out the door to pick them up when he got another call from our friend Trasi. Her car was broken down a few miles from our house, and she needed us to tow her car home. We told her to hang tight, and we would be there as soon as we picked up Emie. We could tow her car home (she lives right by the temple), and still make it to the session by 6. Well, Emie's track usually gets out at 4:30--but wouldn't you know it, they kept them until 5 yesterday. So Todd got home around 5:15, and we finally made it over to help Trasi at 5:30. We get her car all hooked up, and start to tow it, pull out onto Val Vista about 5:45, only to realize that there was a huge traffic jam, and Val Vista was backed up all the way from Baseline down past Southern. We needed to get to Broadway. So we went 5 mph for a few miles until we were almost to Southern, got stopped at a little side street light--and BAM--the tow strap breaks. Poor Trasi got a little whiplash since Todd's truck is jacked up and she was in her car driving it and it took a little plunge back down to the ground. So Todd and I drive onto the little side street, I take the wheel, and he gets out and pushes Trasi's car down the street a few blocks where we had to leave it. I couldn't help but laugh as I snapped this picture...isn't this just the best getting to the temple picture you've ever seen!The good news is, we still made it to the temple, barely making the 6:30 session. We left Trasi's car there until we got out, and we went and got David at 9:30 to help us tow it back to her house. Then, we barely made it to 5 Guys right before 10 when they close--to get some delicious burgers and fries! YUM! All in all, an awesome night! Thanks sweetie, you're the BEST! And, SO strong--good thing we've been working out!

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