Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Working Mother...

This past week was not a typical Spring Break for our family.  Instead of being on a beach somewhere, or at the pool, or on a vacation, Todd and I, and a few family members worked like crazy to try to get the new store set up and open.  My husband is not a man who enjoys waiting for things--we got the shipment of merchandise in last week, and he saw no reason we couldn't have it all ready to open this week.  Well, can I just tell you that we have never set up a retail store before, and it is so much more WORK than we expected!  We had to count each piece, give it a number, enter it into our computer system, sort each piece, group it with similar pieces to put on display, and then work on displaying it in a way that would be both easy to keep track of, as well as pleasing to the eye when you come into the store.  When you take into account that we have done this with well over 400 different items--with multiples of each-- (and we are not through yet)--this has taken a LOT of time!  Todd and I told our teenagers that this week would be a good opportunity to earn their girl's camp money, as well as work on a YW value project by doing household work, and babysitting during their spring break.  You can imagine how THRILLED they were at that!  You see, I have never been a working mother!  My children have had to babysit their brothers and sisters here and there, for an hour or two, but then we always come home & rescue them.  Rarely have I ever left them with the kids for more than a few hours at a time, and rarely have I left them with a chore list as long as the one they had this week!  This week--they truly got to see what it is like to be "MOM"! 
This week, Todd and I got up and excercised at 5:30, then left by 8 to go to the store, we rarely stopped working, except to eat a meal or two, then we would come home around 7.  Can I just say that my heart goes out to you working mothers?  I don't know how you do it and keep it all straight!  By the time we got home I was DEAD TIRED!  Not to mention that I haven't seen the kids all day, and boy did I just eat Jack up when I walked through the door!  That being said, I can't say that I could give my full time and attention to the kids either, since I still had to get dinner on the table, the kitchen cleaned, and laundry done.  We tried to do something fun with them each night, mostly to ease my guilt from being away all day, but as I sat at the table playing a board game, I was mostly in LA LA LAND, falling asleep as I tried to concentrate!  Most nights I fell asleep before 10 p.m.--and slept like a baby! 
Now, mothers who are reading this and saying, "WAIT, I AM A WORKING MOTHER," because you stay home with your kids--I am not making light of what you do--I have DONE that for the last 15 years!  I KNOW that you work hard, and your work is different than any other--and I believe more important than any other!  But can we at least give much needed PROPS to those mothers who do BOTH!  I just realized this week how hard it is to juggle work and home, and how heart wrenching it is to leave your babies in the care of others every single day.  I thought of my own mother, and sisters, who work for a living, and I am so proud of them for making it work for them, and managing to do the impossible!  I think that stay at home moms, and working mothers alike deserve SO much credit for making their families run!  You are AMAZING!
On another note, can I just say that all of the working this week was not all bad?  I rather enjoyed going into the store, where it was quiet, I could concentrate on a task and accomplish it without 1,000 distractions, I could listen to myself think, and not have kids talking over me all day!  Do you know that I didn't change a dirty diaper ALL WEEK?  That is amazing!  (Sorry Emie and Erin--I know you changed A LOT!)  The few times I had to go to the store to pick something up it only took a few minutes, and we didn't have any meltdowns at the register, or crying kids!  I talked to adults all day, and actually had intelligent conversations!  Most of all, it gave me a chance to do something different, not the same thing that I do every day.  Sometimes I feel like my life is like that movie "Groundhog Day"--different day--same CRAP!  It gets so mundane--so boring, that to get out once in awhile and be able to do something different and creative, where I could use my talents was very fun and exciting!  Maybe when Jack is older I will be able to use more of that side of myself, and actually get to do more of the things that make ME happy!
For now, I will remain a stay at home mom.  A week of being a working mother was enough for me to know that people in this house need me to be here--namely the little ones.  And even though the big ones don't need me as much anymore, I think that after this week, they do appreciate all of the little things that I do for them every day that they didn't particularly notice until I wasn't here for a week!   Thanks girls, for a job well done--and for taking good care of my babies & being nice to them!  You did a great job--and I love you! 

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