Monday, February 13, 2012

My Little Romeo...

Most people think that gifts are what Valentines Day is all about.  I am not one of those people.  Sure, I enjoy it when my husband (or in earlier days, any other admirer) buys me flowers, or more importantly CHOCOLATE!  I am grateful that he buys me a card, and it gives us a chance to express our love for each other on this special day each year.  My favorite part of Valentines Day, by far, though, is to watch my little kids enjoy this sweet holiday!  I love watching as they carefully fill in the names of their friends on their cards, and read each card carefully, trying to pick the "perfect" one for their best friend, or secret crush. Valentines Day is about LOVE, after all, and the sweetest love of all is young love.  Innocent love.  When I remember Valentines Days in the past, I remember going through my box of Valentines, seeing who's name was on which card, and pouring over them trying to find the hidden messages in each one.  I can remember years when I was crushed because the boy I had a crush on would give me the Valentine that said, "Your Nice", instead of "Be mine".  I remember one year picking out the perfect sayings on the conversation hearts that I wanted to put in the envelope of the boy I was secretely and hopelessly in love with.  Little did I know that boys that age probably didn't pay any attention, or care, about the conversation hearts that envelope held.  Or did they? 

This year, we all got a kick out of Josh, who happens to be not so secretly in LOVE with one of his little classmates!  He can't stop talking about her, and this girl must be special, because as of today, she was consuming every part of his little 9 year old mind.  He couldn't wait to go to the store  to buy valentines, and spend his own money on a special gift for his special girl.  He wanted to buy her roses (a dozen...oh wow!), since that's what every one says to give to your Valentine to make her feel loved.  After talking about it, I told him I thought it would be better to just buy her a little heart shaped box of chocolates or something so that she wouldn't be embarassed  by his huge showing of love (what would a 9 year old girl do with a dozen roses--and what 16 year old girl wouldn't LOVE to have my Josh be her Valentine!).  He was a little disappointed, but when he came back from the store, he had found the perfect gift!  A chocolate rose.  He was quite proud of himself, and wrote a little note to go along with his gift.  Dear ______, I LOVE YOU!  Love, Josh   Oh my!  I guess I should be alarmed by his bold pursuit of this poor, sweet girl, but truth be told, we all thought it was the cutest thing in the world!  Even if this girl doesn't share the same feelings for Josh that he does for her, she will sure feel special today--and isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about?

Now C'mon, who could resist Romeo here?  HA!  Happy Valentines Day--I hope your Romeo makes you feel very special today!  Mine makes me feel special EVERY day--I am one lucky girl!

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