Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday Photo Dump...

I know it's Monday, but give me a break, I had good intentions of getting this post written on Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday, but it just didn't happen--as with so many good intentions I seem to have.  If there is one thing I am good at, it is paving myself a road straight to Hell...Oh well.  Friday Photo Dump had a nice ring to it, and I had to free up some space on my phone, so I dumped a whole bunch of old pictures into my email inbox, put them into collages, and well, here you go...all the things I meant to take my camera to, and didn't (good intentions again...see?), so you get crappy phone pictures!  Hey, at least I got the picture at all right?  :)  I had to get the old pictures off my phone...we are switching from Sprint to something (anything) else.  When you have to go outside in your towel and hold your phone up to the sky hoping to get a magical signal from somewhere in space, just to send a simple text, it's time to switch phone service providers. I could use the landline, but what are we?  Stuck in the 90's?  Text is where it's at people...human interaction is way over rated (just ask your teenagers).  Speaking of teenagers, if you don't text them, you might not get any interaction from them at all!  Anyway, here it is, my great photo dump...
Here are the kids at the Shun the Sun shin-dig back in November with their awesome face paint:
Jack is loving playing dress up--and he doesn't even need a fancy costume if you have a roll of toilet paper handy (the kids used about 3 rolls coming up with this one...oh my.  P.S. Don't you LOVE the boots with the Batman costume?  Awesome.
This is the kids playing Cosmic Bowling...they loved it!  Look at my sweet Erin teaching them how to bowl, and being so helpful!  Teenagers aren't always a pain...I love that kid.
Todd has been super busy business, cleaning out our garage (we finally broke down and got a storage unit so we could actually get our CARS into our garage and get the junk out!), Scoutmaster (that's one of his newest Eagle Scouts & our neighbor, Cameron), and being a FABULOUS hubby by spoiling me with flowers AND chocolate on our 18th anniversary--this guy knows what I LOVE!
When Jack is done playing superhero--sometimes he still even wants to snuggle with his old mom.  Gosh I am going to miss this when it's gone, aren't I?  Yep.  Couldn't he just stay little?  He's so stinkin' cute.  His favorite joke lately?  "Why did the Orange go to the doctor?"  "Because it didn't PEEL very well".  Ha!  Once in awhile he manages a great escape from our house and we usually find him at our across the street neighbors the Tippetts house. Every time he goes over there, they have a king size Hersheys bar for him...oh my.  He might move in.
Emie has had an adventurous time as a new car owner.  Lucky for her, the dings and scratches on her car aren't her fault...yet.  Todd banged it turning into our 3rd car garage & scratching the front end, and this little mishap happened when she was spending the night at her friend's house & her mom backed into her car coming out of the driveway.  Wanna know the kicker?  The friend was our insurance agent's daughter! (They are good friends of ours in our ward)  HA!  She came home asking about our insurance coverage, and I thought she had been in an accident--when she told me what happened, I couldn't help but laugh!  Been there...done that!
 Emie also asked her friend Cameron to MORP, and this is how he answered her...BTW, see the new van in the background...not too shabby!  The funeral home is up and running, Todd is back to work, and it has been such a blessing for our family to have him working again!  YAY!
This was at Amazing Jake's where Todd's mom was kind enough to invite all of us for her birthday!  The kids had so much fun--but I don't know how they can possibly enjoy these makes me sick just looking at these pictures...BLAH!
What have I been up to?  Well, laundry and housekeeping consume my life, and when I'm not busy doing that, I have time to shower and get ready for the day and try to take a decent self-portrait with my camera (which always ends up with me on a diet since my face can't really be that fat, and is that one chin, or TWO?).  I did happen to make it to lunch with some sweet friends a few weeks ago, and I really loved getting out of the house to go over to Last Chance, and Cafe Zupas. YUM!  What can I say?  Life is good!

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