Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Something tells me that I should have MORE time during the summer to sit and blog, but truth be told, I am living the life over here...  I have been staying up late and sleeping in late.  I have been spending lazy days by the pool, sometimes not even getting dressed until I shower before dinner.  We have dragged the kids to Utah, and Heber, and Thatcher--cooler climates, and the love of family, some of whom who we don't often see.  If I could, I would be one of those moms who took the whole month of July and went to stay somewhere cool with the kids...someday! Even for this AZ native, July is just TOO HOT.  I remember when the kids were all young, and I couldn't wait to get them all back to school.  Come August, I was so tired of the constant mess, the constant noise, and the general chaos that comes with a family of young children.  Much of that was because there was always an infant to take care of and nurse, or one on the way, and I was always just TIRED.  Now, I find myself wishing that we just had a few more weeks of summer.  Drinking it all in, soaking them all up, knowing that summers are the only time I get my kids ALL to myself.  (Well, I have to share with the pool, friends, and the TV, but still....)  I am reluctant to give them back to the school, and their teachers, and the stress that I know comes along with schedules, sports, homework, and just life--not only stress for them, but stress for ME!  It's wonderful as you get older really, that you realize that the kids really do grow up fast.  Perspective is a beautiful thing--too bad sometimes it takes many years to gain some of it!

Speaking of perspective, I really wish we could get to the point in this lawsuit, and in this situation with our funeral home where we could gain some of it.  Sometimes when you're going through something like this don't you wish you could press FAST-FORWARD, and get to the point where you can look back on it and be grateful for it.  We have never been through a lawsuit before, and can I just tell you it has been the worst experience of our lives?  When we first filed it, I never thought it would be almost a year before we would even be close to getting our case before a judge?  There has been nice lawyer letter, after nice lawyer letter, all with deadlines (that really mean nothing), and nothing but stonewalling and stalling from the other side.  Meanwhile, after closing our store in May, we have been trying to decide what to do next, knowing that the lawsuit is pretty much open ended, and the damage that has been done to our business renders it virtually worthless, even if we could take it back, which we can't without a judge's order--which could yet be months, even a year away. Perspective could be really helpful about now, that's all.

The next few days will be a plethora of pictures and blurbs about our last few months.  I have enjoyed my family, and loved my summer.  Even though these have been some hard months, spent making hard decisions, and feeling helpless and hopeless at times;  my family has been my rock.  I live for them.  It makes me sad that they have had to deal with my sometimes dark moods through this whole trial, but at the same time, it makes me happy to see how we have pulled together as a family, made sacrifices, and been there for each other, even though it has been hard.  I feel so much of God's love through my family.  It amazes me.

First, at the beginning of summer, before any of our vacations, Jack took some swimming lessons with his cousins.  It was so convenient, since she came to us at Todd's mom's house.  Jack did his lesson with his cousin Stacia.  He was such a little stinker...he would be jumping off the diving board, no problem before the teacher got there, then when she tried to get him to swim to her 3 ft. he would cry that he couldn't do it!  Ugh.  Drama queen...oh well!  They were so stinkin' cute--I love this age!  Take a look at my sweet boy, and his adorable cousins! I love summer!  Hope yours has been as memorable as mine!  :)

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