Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ask Me Tomorrow...

This week has been a crazy week.  Todd has been at Scout Camp since Tuesday morning, and I pretty much get NO sleep when he is gone, so I have been driving myself CRAZY by cleaning every nook and cranny in my house.  Mostly because I am SURE that we have only received crap offers on our house because the Laundry Room is a mess, or the Pantry shelves are dirty.  It can't be the CRAP economy can it?  (Thanks Obama--Really.)  Anyway, I am pretty much going on NO SLEEP.  I'm not good on no sleep.  (I'm not even that good on a lot of sleep!)  Anyway, Emie has been up in Heber for the last few days with her good friend.  They had such a great time, doing girly stuff (fake nails), watching scary movies, (I told her to get Watcher in the Woods...classic), and riding quads.  Quite a fun couple of days, full of adventure.  Tonight, she returned home just in time to go to mutual, and then went to her friends house until around 10.  When she came home, I finally had a few minutes to talk to her.  This was our conversation:
Emie:  "So, Mom, what have you been up to the last few days?"
Me:  "Well, I've been cleaning, a lot.  And, well, ya, that's pretty much it."
Emie:  "Really?  Do you just HATE your life?"
Me:  "Ummmm....."
Any other day, I may have launched into a lecture about the joys of motherhood, or the beauty of having a house of order, and how it helps us to have the spirit in our home when it is clean.  I may have shared with her how I find joy and satisfaction in being a woman, and how my motherhood, and homemaking skills help define my life.  I might have told her how I used to long for a career, and recognition, and well, a life.  But then, she was born, and as soon as I looked into her eyes, I knew she NEEDED me, and I was forever changed.
However, that conversation never happened.  Today, I left it at "Ummm...", and it was probably for the best.  The way I was feeling, and the no sleep part of the equation may have caused my answer to be construed the wrong way, because today, the answer was,  "Sometimes...YES, my life is crap!"  But please--ask me tomorrow!

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