Thursday, July 8, 2010

D-Backs Game!

The day after we got home from the beach--we got to go to the Diamondbacks vs. NY Yankees game!  We got the tickets a few months ago, by putting our name into a lottery type thing, and when we were chosen, we got to buy 10 tickets each to the game!  All 3 games were sold out in about 2 hours!  Grandpa Metzger was kind enough to buy ALL of our tickets so we could go to this game!  The NY Yankees haven't been here since 2004--so when they come it is sort of a big deal to be able to go and see this great team play.  We sure went on the right night too--because the D-Backs ROCKED IT!  Way to beat NY!  Thanks Dad--everyone sure had a great time, and it is a night I'm sure we will remember forever!  Love you!

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