Monday, February 1, 2010

Pics from Lake Tahoe!

Okay, so Todd was reading my last blog, and was commenting that maybe I was being just a little dramatic. (He complained about that when we were actually skiing down the mountain too, I can't imagine why?) Ummm...if you've ever read my blog before--or you know me at all, you can probably guess that my last post was a LOT dramatic, as are all of my other posts. Sorry honey, but I tend to try to put into words how I actually feel--and sometimes that can come off as a little dramatic when you are as obnoxious as I am. That being said, I made it sound like it was a horrible time--which wasn't true at all. I enjoyed being with Todd, and was so grateful for his patience with me. I loved being with my sister and brother in laws--and hardly quit laughing the entire trip, they are SO fun to be with! I was proud of myself for never crashing getting off the lift--which was what did me in the last ski trip, and we were getting off the lift with 6 people--so that was amazing! I DID rock the bunny hill--did I mention that? It was just the skiing that threw me for a loop--I had higher expectations of myself, and thought it would be easier, and I would be better than I was that's all! Anyways, it was an awesome trip, and I loved every minute of it-- (except when I was crashing recklessly down the mountain toward my ultimate death--dramatic?? NO)!
These are some pics of our day at Heavenly:
Here we are on the gondola ride up:
Katie & Shaun

Kari & Kohn

Todd & I

The view from the gondola was AMAZING! Lake Tahoe is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I've ever been!

Todd and I & Katie & Shaun at the top of the mountain--SO ready to go DOWN! I just didn't know how many times I would go DOWN!!

Lunchtime--one of the best parts of my day! I could finally relax--and let my heartrate go back to normal, and take a much needed potty break! (Yes Todd--it's me being dramatic again)!

Todd and I were trying to get a good picture--but who's the retard that kept sticking his big head in our picture? Rude... HA!


After lunch, the girls relaxed and talked, while the boys got in as many runs as they could. Todd was so happy to let go and fly down the mountain since he had been inching his way down all day with me! We had a great time!

That night we had the best dinner at the Chart House! The next day, the girls shopped and went to a chick flick while the boys skied. They were the first ones on that gondola in the morning, and the last ones down the mountain that afternoon. They didn't even stop to eat! Maybe someday I'll love skiing that much! After much, much, much more practice! Next year...
Love you guys! Thanks for an AWESOME vacation! Now--back to life... Why is it that when you take a relaxing vacation away from your kids you feel like a truck hit you on the day you get back into life? Maybe it's just me...(being dramatic again...)! HA HA~


My Spiritual Thoughts said...

Tami--Thanks for a fun trip!! We had a blast. Can't wait to do it again next year!! Katie

Tawni said...

That looks like soo much fun! How fun that you guys all got to go together too!

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