Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Well Again!!

The little stomach bug hit our house last week--starting with poor baby Jack. He barfed for a few days, followed by Joshua, then Abby, then Todd and me. Well, Todd and I never barfed--just felt really crappy for a few days (you know, where you wish you would barf--but can't). I can echo a friend of mine, who titled one of her blogs "Vomit is not our friend", or something to that effect. I can stand almost anything else--but barf--UUUGH! Especially when it's the baby--and you have no idea when it's coming. It was like he'd be asleep right on my chest, then Blaaguh--(is that how you spell that?) it was milk all over me. Then I bought liters of that dumb Pedialyte--let me ask you--do you know any kid who actually drinks that stuff? I think this company makes millions of dollars a year on overpriced Koolaid that most people try to feed their baby--then end up pouring it down the sink. That stuff tastes like crap. He was smart enough to let me know that right away. Poor little guy. Next time I'm just buying Gatorade. Duh!

So it hit just in time so that we could be well this week--and Todd has been home with me to get our shopping all done and finally get ready for Christmas! We are almost done...seriously, aren't those the famous last words of all Christmas shoppers! Todd keeps saying, "are we done?" I'm like--"yes, except for them and them, and him and her and this and that..." So it will continue until Christmas eve! No, we really are close to being done--REALLY! (I promise honey...)! In spite of my crappy attitude to start this holiday season--it really has been a great Christmas this year. Everything always ends up getting done, and even though I didn't spend hours baking in the kitchen, or make my own homemade gifts, (time and season people!) we have enjoyed the season, and the spirit of the season. I think that's what's most important. Now it's 2 a.m., and I really should get some sleep before the kids get up! Thank goodness for the middle of the night--or I would never get ANYTHING done!

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Ed said...

Glad to hear you are feeling well again...I think you know my feelings about barf.

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