Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We took a personality profile up at Aspen Grove called persogenics and it was so interesting to me how right on it was. It was irritating to me at the same time. Maybe it was a little TOO right about me. Let me just quote you a few excerpts:

"You are friendly with those around you, but you are argumentative and persistent in the pursuit of your goals. To you, speaking and communicating your thoughts is more valuable than listening to others speak... As you begin speaking about something that you are excited about, you really get into it, and things just seem to pop into your head and out of your mouth...(OUCH)!
"You possess a stubborn determination to control events and people. You prefer to deal with the big picture rather than with supporting details... You have an aversion to activities and tasks of a routine, meticulous nature... You like to be the "boss"... You tend to be self-indulgent and want what you want when you want it." (Harsh...)

These are just a few of the quotes, and there were a lot of positive things as well--but the last week, I have caught myself so many times doing so many of those things! Am I really that obnoxious?? (Todd says...YES!).
The advice it gave me was so funny to read as well, here are a few more quotes:
"You might find it helpful to further develop your listening and observation skills. Another area where you might need more development would be in curbing your tendency to be stubborn and argumentative. " Or this one:
"When you think of something you want to say, you usually don't wait to say it, even if someone else is talking at the time. Others can see this as rude, so make it a point to listen until they've finished speaking." (If you've ever talked to me even for 5 minutes, I've probably interrupted you at least 10 times!)
I've thought a lot about this test since I got home. It has caused me to take a look at the not so great aspects of my personality, and ponder how I can change myself for the better. Maybe next time you talk to me, I'll bite my toungue and actually let you finish your sentence. Maybe I won't try to push my opinions on you--although if we're talking about politics, or you're a Democrat, there's no promises there! Maybe I can be better about being a control freak--with my family especially. And if I have offended you with something that has popped out of my mouth lately, maybe you can forgive me for being so quick to comment and not think things all the way through. I am trying my best--but sometimes my crazy personality gets the best of me! Sorry in advance!

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kara jayne said...

Wow! That sounds a lot like me. I tend to put my foot in my mouth a lot. I bet I'd get the same outcome on that test.

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