Thursday, April 17, 2008

My four girls....

What can I say about having 4 girls? They are all so different, and unique.
Emie is my oldest, the typical 1st child. She is a sweetheart, and always aims to please. She is so smart, straight A's are not enough, it must be A+++. She has always been so obedient, and good natured, from the time she was born. I love her smile, and her kind heart. She amazes me.
Erin has had a smile on her face since the day she was born! She is always so happy, and loves to tease. She is so much like her dad, I think that's why they butt heads sometimes. She gets her loud side from me, though. She is so smart, but also loves to talk--her teachers always say if she would keep quiet, she could learn more, but she can't help it. I know how she feels! She's awesome!
Abby is like the perfect child. Sometimes I feel like she is the one in the family who really gets overlooked, not on purpose, but she is just so good that I never need to get after her or get angry at her. She has such a sweet disposition, always worried about everyone around her, never selfish or unkind. I love my Abby.
When Ashlie came into this world she was screaming for attention, and never stopped for her first 18 months of life! She was not going to wait for things just because she was the 5th child. I never thought that one of my children would be more stubborn than I am (and believe me that's VERY stubborn), but Ashlie is. She is much sweeter now, by far one of my best toddlers, but still once in awhile reminds me that she is in charge! I think she will achieve great things in her life, because of her amazing personality, and determination to have things her way.
I feel so blessed to have these 4 girls to raise. They are all going to be amazing women someday, and I am so grateful that they chose me to be their mother.

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Tourtster said...

mom i am soooo not a perfectionist. u can see that from my procrastination. if i was a perfectionist, i would always be organized and stuff like that!

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