Saturday, April 19, 2008

Saturday Busy Work...

This is the kind of work that I hate doing on a Saturday! Todd was cleaning out the garage, and I cleaned out my "junk corner". It doesn't matter how many times I clean this corner of my kitchen, by the next week, there it is, all junked up again. This corner is like a magnet for everything in my house that doesn't have a real home. When the kids can't find a paper or homework they're missing, or Todd is missing a phone number he wrote down, all I have to do is send them over to the junk corner and they can usually find what they're looking for. So... TA DA!


The sad thing is, this took me 2 hours of a perfectly good Saturday--and next week, well it will surely look like the top picture again! Such is life huh? Now, on to the junk drawer...(I'd rather be at the lake)!

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