Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer is Flying by, and I Can't Keep Up!...But I managed to make it to Girl's CAMP!

We got back from the beach, and I went straight into Girl's Camp mode.  I was called as Assistant Camp Director this year--FINALLY!  I have been practically BEGGING everyone I know in the ward to go to Girl's Camp for years.  Apparently I finally found the right people to beg!  We had the sweetest camp director that I worked with--who was so much fun!  We had one last week to prepare, then left for camp on Monday of this week.

Girl's Camp was amazing.  It has been 20 years since I went to camp--can you believe it?  The last time I went to camp was the year I graduated, and me and my friend Misty went as YCL leaders for the third year.  I will never forget that last year--as I sent a missionary off the day before camp, and my parents drove me up while I was bawling in the back seat, wondering how I would ever live without him.  I spent the whole week in despair, wondering where he was, what he was doing, and how I would ever stop missing him.  Funny how things seem SO important when you are a teenager (who thinks she's in love).  A year later, I would have met Todd, be spending the summer dating him, and be engaged that fall.  Wow, how things can change in a year's time!  I knew it was right--and eventually he did too, but girls camp that year has always been a special memory, since my friends and family gathered around and helped me to smile, and be happy.  Girl's camp is a happy place, and has always held dear memories for me.  

This year, Abby and Emie were both at camp with me--I was Abby's cabin mom for her 1st year, and Emie went as a YCL for her first year.  Erin did the high adventure camp for 4th years--and WOW was it an adventure!  They hiked for 15 miles with frame backpacks on their first day--and slept out under the stars!  For someone who doesn't hike--or camp very often (she is my child, after all), she did great, even though I worried, and fretted, and murmured at times!  Isn't it amazing--how we think our children can't do hard things--and then they go and prove us wrong?  She hated it--but she did it, and she amazes me!  Great job Erin!
Our stake loaded up 4 buses with girls and their STUFF!  WOW! That doesn't even include all the leaders that drove up to prepare for them coming!  We have a HUGE stake with 10 wards--and over 200 girls!  It was amazing that they could organize it so well!
We had a cruise theme this year--and our country was the United Kingdom!  We had so much fun decorating, and making our cabin look awesome!
 I was in charge of the SKIT!  YIKES!  We ended up doing our own version of the One Direction Song, "That's what makes you beautiful"--replacing it with our own group, Right Direction--with "That's What Makes US Beautiful"!  It was really cute--the girls did such an amazing job!

 Sis. Erickson taught this ward time on "Looking Up to the Lord".  We tied all of our problems and frustrations we wanted to be free of, and prayed that the Lord would take them for us, like he has promised. What does it mean when my problems were the ones that got stuck in the TREE?  I guess the Lord doesn't want them either?  Haha!

 It was Abby's 12th Birthday at CAMP!  We pranked her with silly string--and the girls decorated her bed to welcome her to beehives!  So much fun!

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