Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter at Kimbie's House!...

This year, we continued the tradition of spending Easter with my family.  Kimbie's neighborhood throws a big Easter Bash--and it's FREE!  Funny thing?  She calls up to RSVP for her kids and mine and the conversation went like this:
Lady:  "What is your child's name?"
Kimbie:  " you want ALL of their names?"
Lady:  "Well, how many children do you have?"
Kimbie:  "Well...I have 8 children, and my sister has 6 children, so 14."
Lady:  Awkward pause......"Well, I guess I don't need their names, but we may need to buy more candy."
Bahahaha!  Too funny!  We always shock people when we show up places together as a family.  We are more than a little outnumbered!  Anyway, I took WAY too many pictures as usual--add to that my dad and sister taking way too many pictures, and well--even with collages, there are still WAY too many pictures!  Oh well--skip them if you like, but we sure do have some adorable kiddos, and they sure do have tons of fun together!  The petting zoo was especially entertaining this year!  They set up about a 10 square foot space and started letting the animals out of their crates as the children watched.  First they took out 3 tiny little baby chicks, and let them start walking around.  Next, they let out a duck, that immediately snatched up one of those little baby chicks in it's mouth and started throttling and shaking it back and forth.  The children started to scream, and the guy managed to get the chick out of the duck's mouth and put both of them away.  Still not sure if that little chick made it.  I think it may have some damage...shaken baby chick syndrome?    Anyway, so the guy proceeds to let out two bunnies, who start to....ahem, how do I say this?  Do what bunnies do when they want to make baby bunnies...  Ya, THAT.  Now, the parents are all looking on in horror--hoping their children won't ask what the bunnies are doing since it took a few minutes for the guy to see what was going on and separate them.  WOW.  All of that seriously happened in the first 4 min. of the petting zoo!  Then they opened the gate and let about 40 children into that 10 square foot space--all at once--and boy did I feel sorry for those animals!  Poor bunnies--they knew their time might be short once that gate opened--they were just trying to enjoy themselves while they could!  HA!  Anyway, we had a great time, and ate WAY too much candy, and stayed up WAY too late, and just had tons of FUN!  Thanks Kimbie for having my crazy family at your house!  We love you guys!

P.S.  We bought a cool book called "Easter Walk" this year, about an Easter Scavenger Hunt.  It was very appropriate for Easter Sunday, and a cute way to bring the conversation from Easter Bunnies, and eggs, back to the real reason for the season--our Savior, and his sacrifice.  The kids loved it--and wait till you see what Erin & Journey brought in the house when they were sent to go find "something wood".  Oh my!  Next year--we are hoping to try a new tradition on Easter Sunday--and have an authentic Jerusalem dinner! I'll let you know if that pans out--or if the kids decide to fast instead of eat that stuff & it's a never know!

 Jack found this Batman costume and he was in HEAVEN!  I couldn't rip that costume off him all day--not even when he fell asleep.  I picked him up off the floor--laid him in bed & tried to get it off, since he was sweating.  He FLIPPED OUT!  Nevermind...keep it on!
 We LOVE these Dudley's Spin an Egg things.  We bought like 3 of them this year, since we tried one last year & loved it so much! The kids just drop a few drops of color in, spin the thing around (like a salad spinner) and VOILA--painted egg with virtually NO MESS!  LOVE IT!

 Haha--look at Erin & Journey's "wood"--They brought in a whole tree!  Oh--and what is that that Cole's holding?  He was supposed to find "something dead" so he brought in a dead beetle.  AWESOME!

My Mom & Dad
 All Dressed up for Church!

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Velma said...

Looks like alot of fun, and what an experience at the petting zoo, lol! Yes, bunnies just do that alot!! We raised Netherland dwarfs and they had such cute babies!!! We sold them at pet stores for awhile. Loved the experience of raising and catching the babies, and then having to sell them was alittle bit hard cuz' you get alittle bit attached till you have to clean up after them, lol!!

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