Monday, February 14, 2011

Random Things I am LOVING...♥

On Valentines Day--I thought I would let you know some things that I am LOVING about my life right now.  We have our challenges right now--but life goes on, and I don't want to focus so much on the negative.  There is always something POSITIVE about our lives--and I have a GREAT family!  There are so many things I am LOVING...♥♥♥
♥We have put our house on the market (BOO--I know), but since we have to file a lawsuit against the Allen Funeral Home since they are not paying their debt to us, we don't have much of a choice. If you want a beautiful house in a GREAT ward--with amazing neighbors and friends--call me!   BUT--I am LOVING how my kids have worked with us to get it ready to sell, and how they have been willing to pitch in and help out.  Cleaning is never my favorite--but all the help has made it so much easier.  I am also LOVING that although I know that another move will not be easy on any of them--they are putting on a happy face and not complaining.  Sometimes we don't get what we want in life...we are learning together all about that fact!
♥Todd and I have had to get creative in our budget.  I LOVE how it makes me think of when we were first married, and how we just wanted to be TOGETHER!  We didn't much care about how much money we had, or how nice the restaurant was we were eating at.  Friday's date night was our FREE dinner at our ward party--and a dollar movie!  Can't get better than that!
♥I LOVE that my kids have good friends!  Emie had some friends over this weekend.  They are all such good kids!  It makes me so HAPPY that they are doing good things and staying out of trouble!  It makes me PROUD that I can trust them!  I LOVE these teenagers! Check out what they do for fun:

♥Erin is finished with softball as of last week, but I want her to know how much I LOVE watching her play!  I always have--ever since she was little--isn't she a CUTIE!  LOVE this girl--she plays with enthusiasm, and you can tell that she LOVES the game!  This year, her coach wasn't the best--and she didn't play as much as she would've liked to--but next year will be better!  Have I told you how amazing my Erin is--well, now I have!
♥If you know me well, you know that I LOVE football!  This year--after I got my fix of college football, I got to see my Josh play in a flag football league in our neighborhood!  It was just enough to satisfy my LOVE for football on Saturdays!  He was adorable--and FAST and I LOVED watching him play!  Check out his pics--isn't 8 years old just the best age!  This kid couldn't care less if he combed his hair or looked nice for his picture--he just wanted to get out there and PLAY!  LOVE this kid!

♥We have finally found something that Abby LOVES!  This year we put her in a cheer and dance class in a neighborhood that is around the corner from ours.  This girl LOVES to cheer and dance!  So glad I finally let her quit piano...something she hated, and find something she absolutely LOVES!  Do you know that Abby did the splits last week!!!!  She is amazing!  Also, I LOVE the idea that a lady in our ward had this last week to have all the primary kids sign rocks to put in the foundation for the new Gilbert Temple!  My kids had such a blast, and are so excited that a rock they wrote on will be in the foundation!  What a great idea!  LOVE IT!  Here are some pics...

♥I LOVE that my Ashlie gave a talk yesterday in primary, and she stood up there and read her talk like a PRO!  I'm sure she could've memorized it too--if we hadn't written it at 11:20--and left the house at 11:25...! I am so prepared!  Seriously, this girl is SO stinkin' smart!  She amazes me--what kindergartener doesn't have to have help reading words like immortality, or commandments, or example.  I LOVE this girl--she is amazing!

♥I am LOVING listening to my little Jack say prayers right now.  He says them in the sweetest, quietest little boy voice, and this is the basic prayer right now, "Heavenly Father, thank you for the day.  Please bless the beach, and the lake, and the park, and the temple, AMEN!"  I just LOVE listening to my children pray!  Especially when they are little & innocent & SO sincere!  He is almost 3, where did the time go?  Here he is signing his rock:

♥I have such a supportive family that I absolutely LOVE!  Things have been hard, and stressful, and I haven't really felt like going places, or family parties, or talking a lot about our situation, but I want them to know that we feel your prayers, we appreciate your thoughtfulness, and we LOVE you.  We are truly grateful for both our families! 
♥ I LOVE that it's springtime--and almost Easter time!  We went to the store to buy the kids Valentines & I scored these--my absolute favorite Easter treat!  They couldn't come at a better time... For me, STRESS=CHOCOLATE!  I can't get enough right now!  LOVE IT!

♥ I do have a friend who I have been able to talk to through this whole trial, and I want her to know how much I LOVE her, and how grateful I am for her listening to me. I have known her forever, and I can tell her things I cannot tell anyone else (except maybe my husband). I am so grateful for you & your friendship. I LOVE you for not judging me, and for just listening. I LOVE you for not giving advice, or telling me it will all work out just fine...or that I need to be grateful for this trial--because sometimes it doesn't, and sometimes I'm NOT!  I LOVE that you support me, even when it's hard. Thank you, and you know who you are. I couldn't do this without you!
♥On a lighter note, I LOVE this country that we live in...and that there is always someone with a new business idea.  This one has been right outside of Payson for years...and it makes me wonder--if this guy can make a living with this business--why can't I figure out how to make our Jerusalem store in the mall profitable?  HA!  I have always wanted to go in this place just to see what the girls actually look like!  There is always something you can find to laugh about!  Maybe this is where we'll go for our next cheap date:  HA!

♥This is my new drive thru lunch that I LOVE!  Wendy's new Apple Pecan Chicken Salad!  YUM!  Every day right around 2, I talk Jack into going for a drive--(mostly so he can fall asleep).  We hit Sonic first for my Route 44 Coke Zero with vanilla at happy hour (LOVE♥), then Wendy's drive thru for this salad.  Half size--only $3.99!  I LOVE that he gets a nap & I get some yummy food!

♥Add to that my very favorite treat right now--a QT chocolate donut with hot chocolate--otherwise known as "A Bite of Heaven...".  LOVE these!  The bars are the best though--cuz their bigger!  YUM!

♥Most of all, I LOVE this guy.  We have truly been to hell and back (actually, maybe we haven't come all the way back yet...) in this last year, but we still keep fighting.  (No pun intended).  He is passionate, and he is strong, and he amazes me, and we will get through this together!  I LOVE you babe.  Happy Valentines Day!


♥P.S. This guy brought me home another thing that I LOVE--See's Chocolates--Nuts & Chews!  My baby knows that flowers DIE--(kinda like our hopes & dreams...HA!) but Chocolate is FOREVER (just look at my belly fat)!  Love you babe--no one knows better the things I LOVE! 

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Natalie said...

So sorry you have to go through a lawsuit. Dave and I did that once. It was enough to about do both of us in. Our mediator said, "My advice to you is to get out of this lawsuit as fast as you can for the sake of your marriage." (As if we had any choice to get out of the litigation-we were forced into it.) Thankfully, we eventually got through it. Good luck. I will keep you in my prayers.

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