Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday ASHLIE SUE!...

6 years ago, I held the most amazing baby in my arms--then she started crying.  And she cried, and she cried, and she cried, and she cried (do you get the idea?...).  I never could figure out why Ashlie cried so much as a baby--I never could figure out what she wanted.  But as she's grown older, I think I've finally figured it out.  That little spirit was just too old, and too wise, and too experienced to be stuck in that little tiny, helpless body.  This little girl is SO mature for her age--and so wise beyond her years.  Much like Emie--I believe that Ashlie's spirit waited a LONG time to come here!  Both of them may have taught ME things when I was a child in the spirit world!  Ashlie is such an amazing daughter!  She is a little serious, with not much of a sense of humor sometimes.  It's hard for her to live in this family full of sarcasm at times--but she deals with it well most of the time.  She is such a hard worker, and so smart in school.  Her kindergarten teacher told me at our first parent-teacher conference:  "You know, I'm not going to teach her anything this year she doesn't already know...in fact a lot of the time, she is helping me teach the other kids."  Yep--that's my girl!  We started the day with another doughnut cake made out of QT long johns...YUM!  (No...not on a diet yet--Ashlie's b-day, then the BCS championship coming up...then a diet...).  Then she opened her presents.  She was kinda sad that she had to go to school...but I told her I would come get her for lunch & that cheered her up a little.  We went out that night for dinner as a family at Red Robin & had a great time!  We love you Ashlie...here's 6 reasons why... (oh SO easy...)
1. Adorable!  Most gorgeous brown eyes!
2. Smart in school--great reader!
3. Great friend, very loyal.
4. Great sister--she loves her siblings and helps them all the time.
5. Great daughter!
6. Sassy & stubborn--she has a way of getting her way, and making you think it was her idea!
Here's some pics of her special day!

 Someone got up too early!  He was SO jealous that he didn't have any presents!  He still doesn't get the whole "Santa only comes once a year..." concept...Poor little guy!
 Ashlie's NEW bike!  She has to learn to ride it now!  Pictures coming soon...

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