Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crazy Christmas...

Every year I tell myself--this will be the year that I get everything done early, and take the month of December and enjoy Christmas. Enjoy the class parties, the recitals, the concerts, the decorating, the family parties, the ward parties, the visiting teaching...etc. This year will be the year that I don't feel completely stressed out, like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off as I try to remember all of the things I need to do in a day. This year will be the year that my presents are all bought and wrapped--by November 30th. My neighbor gifts will be homemade--and delicious, and delivered on December 1st. My Christmas cards will be amazing photos of our family--captured by a REAL photographer--and not just some thrown together last minute card. And they will actually make it to people BEFORE Christmas! This year will be the year that I don't have to stress out--I will be happy, and easygoing, and my children and family will praise me. "Mom--you are amazing. I can't believe how much work you have gone to to make this the BEST Christmas ever."

Ummm...HELLO??? Why do I continue to live in a fantasy world? Then I am SO disappointed every year when REALITY hits--and NONE of those things actually happen! Oh, I get some of the shopping done, and a few of the gifts get wrapped. I forget about the class parties, until the day of--and I'm no longer the mom who makes the cute little treats--they are bought at Safeway, or whatever grocery store is on the way to school. I forget about piano lessons--two weeks in a row--even though it's the SAME day and SAME time every week. (And do you think the children remind me?--NO!--they are too busy screening the piano teacher's phone calls trying to help me remember the lesson). I forget about teacher gifts until the last day of school--and scramble trying to do something nice for them, (they DO put up with my children day in and day out for a WHOLE year--NOT an easy thing!). I think about baking something homemade and delicious for my neighbors--because believe it or not, I am a good cook--but that's as far as it gets because when the thought of baking something enters my mind, I want to go curl up in a corner somewhere and rock back and forth. TOO MUCH WORK! So I throw some candy in a dish, tie a ribbon on top and call it good for another year--all the while thinking "surely next year will be different." I make myself crazy by trying to keep the house all clean and perfect, and the tree decorated (I keep having to redecorate both of them--hmmm...someone keeps pulling EVERYTHING off the bottom half of the tree...I wonder who??). I think I have yet to actually COOK dinner for my family in the month of December--Little Caesars beckons to me on my way home from crazy errands. "$5.00--how can you beat that?" it says. And now, here we are again--less than a week before Christmas and I am wondering HOW THE HECK WILL IT ALL GET DONE?? It will be okay--I am taking a deep breath as we speak. See, I feel better already!

You see, this is just ME! Flawed? YEP. Disorganized? YEP. Scatterbrained? YEP. All of the above. But it always gets done. I think that's the point. You can say--well, why didn't you plan better? Why didn't you organize better? Why do you put yourself through the stress year after year? It just doesn't work for me, my brain thinks in the NOW, in the TODAY--(or sometimes it shuts down all together...). I have confessed before and I will say it again--I am a Mary--not a Martha. (For that post--which explains a LOT--click HERE or for last year's stressed out Christmas post--click HERE). I do the best I can--and hope my children will make it through having such a crazy mother--and not need therapy because of it! Although sometimes I think it's ME who needs the therapy. Forget therapy, I would pay someone just to let me lay on their therapy couch and have a one hour nap uninterrupted every week!

I still enjoy everything about the Christmas season--the presents, the decorations, the shopping, the parties, the concerts, the wrapping, the late nights, the early mornings--I LOVE it ALL! I love that it's magical for children, and how excited they are to see their presents. I love that they get excited about the gift they made me at school, and beg me to open it every day. I love sitting out on the couch at night and staring at the Christmas tree, and listening to Christmas music nonstop. (Speaking of that--David Archuleta has a new Christmas CD--and he sounds like a Christmas is AMAZING!). I love watching Elf, and A Christmas Story (fa raa raa raa raa...)--at least 5 times--and A Charlie Brown Christmas at least once! I love that the kids like to find someone else we can help--and that they find joy in serving others, as well as getting gifts themselves. I might get stressed out--but to me, it just comes with the season--every season! Christmas is about love, about serving, about FAMILY, about Christ. I love that we celebrate His life, and His birth. I am so grateful that with Him--I can do anything. He makes it possible for me to have joy, and happiness in my life. And He loves ME--whether I'm crazy or not. That's the only thing that matters.

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Sarah Williams said...

you crack me up....i'm totally the same way w/ 2 less kids. i agree w/ the therapy thing. its really just a break from reality. i could sit at the dentist (w/ no kids ) and get the same benefits!

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