Saturday, August 22, 2009

SO Important--

Parents--do you know what your kids are listening to? This article is from Brent Bozell, founder and president of the Media Research Center, and this is just a small sampling of the music that your children are exposed to, even on network TV. I have heard some of these songs played, and didn't even realize what they are talking about because frankly, I am naive--and sometimes so are our kids. Sometimes they just "like the beat", or hear the songs on shows like So You Think you Can Dance. Don't be fooled, though, music is one of Satan's greatest tools, and he uses it to pull our children in before they even know what happened to them. I think although this article is disturbing to read--it gives information that EVERY parent needs to know. Look at part of the article:
"These songs are not the cutting edge; they are the mainstream. The Culture and Media Institute studied 29 songs that were listed on top 20 airplay charts posted by Mediabase from June 10 to July 22. A large majority (69 percent) of the songs made at least one reference to sex, alcohol, drugs, or contained profanity. Nearly half (46 percent) of the songs contained sexual lyrics and 31 percent of the songs referenced drugs or alcohol. Profanity occurred in 41 percent of the songs."
Just like everywhere else, movies, television, internet--Satan is NOT sneaking in the back door any longer--he's coming through the front door, and making himself at home, kicking his feet up, and lounging on the couch. Until we decide as a family to KICK HIM OUT! I tell my kids that if they are listening to music stations that play this kind of music, the spirit cannot dwell in our home. Even if MOST of the songs "aren't that bad", it doesn't justify listening to a station that plays music that IS that bad. Period. I have decided that in this house--I will control the airwaves--and Satan will be kicked to the curb.
Here's the full article--(not for kids but parents to read...)

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Kathy P said...

I just love you Tami! thank you for posting this!

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