Thursday, February 12, 2009

Girls Night Out!

Okay, so I copied Todd's cousin Tyler's idea for a favorites night check out hers HERE--and we decided to have our first one right before Valentines Day, so if our husbands don't get us anything we get something anyway! Genius right? This time, I did my favorites, but we might tweak it a bit next time so that we all just bring a favorite thing and exchange it. When you are buying something for 9 other people, it adds up really fast! These were just a few of my favorite things--(under a few dollars!) they are kinda silly, but that's what made it fun! Instead of making my favorite dinner--we went to Fuddruckers, my favorite place for a good-ole American hamburger and fries, (I have been craving a good American meal since I got home from Israel)! They also have my favorite dessert--awesome homemade rice crispy treats! It was so much fun--THANKS GIRLS!
Loreal Endless Lipcoulor--Love this stuff, it stays on all day!
Omar's olivewood--from Bob and Sue!My favorite place in the mall--Try the Sinful Cinnamon, YUM!Tim Tam Slam--our favorite cookies from Israel. You bite off both ends then suck the milk up through them like a straw then eat it. YUM!These were my kids favorite candy bar that Bob and Sue sent home from Israel. It's milk chocolate with pop rocks inside!Love these for doing dishes--can't live without them!If it weren't for these razors, my legs would be a mess of red dots and razor burn! You only have to use water to shave, they are simple and quick. Expensive--but worth every penny, especially if your skin is sensitive like mine!Love this new Bath and Body aromatherapy line--hey, I'll give anything a shot that says it will relieve stress, and help me focus!
If you used to be a regular Coke addict, then you switched to Diet Coke because you had too many kids and got fatter--then you will LOVE Coke Zero. If you've always liked Diet Coke--you may think it's too sweeet. I LOVE it! Try it with the Cajun Trail Mix below--it's awesome!
My favorite trail mix from Walmart--this is the only one I like to eat everything together--the other ones I pick through. Sweet and spicy--YUM!My favorite toothpaste--love the cinnamon, and it leaves my mouth all clean and tingly!OF COURSE--THESE ARE MY ADDICTION!Instead of Crystal Light, this tastes like grape Koolaid--love it!


Kathy P said...

What a cute idea!! Sounds like a totally fun night!

Kettle Family said...

it does add up to alot even with only six people thats why the person who does it saves for a whole year or at least i did, but i like your idea of doing it for v-day

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