Thursday, September 9, 2010

How fast can YOU wreck a boat???

Well, I did it in less than 60 seconds--so I think I'm pretty close to the Guiness book of World Records on that one now!  This is how it happened...Erin had some of her friends over a few weeks ago to go to the lake after school on a Friday afternoon.  We hurried to load kids, and get out there so there would be some day light & hopefully some okay water to ski in & do tube wars.  Here they are before we left:
And here we are about to launch the boat & get out onto the lake:

While I was backing the boat up off of the trailer, there was another boat next to us...this always makes me nervous because our boat doesn't steer when you are in reverse, so we were wandering over close to this other boat.  Add to that that ALL of these kids were in the middle of moving from their positions in the front of the boat, where they were for these pics I took to the back of the boat, and it was just general chaos.  No problem, though, I have done this 100 times.  So I put the boat in gear, and figure I will just pull around and get us out of there until...BOOM.  In the chaos, I had turned the boat around too quickly, and the back end of the boat hit the concrete on the boat ramp and OOPS...that was that.  Less than 60 seconds.  The boat started back up, but when we tried to give it gas, it totally vibrated the whole boat.  We pulled it back out of the water & checked out the prop--TRASHED!  Todd took it over to the marina, because we have an extra prop...and they fixed it.  So an hour later, we launched it again...NO DEAL.  UGH!  So I felt like a STUPIDO in front of all of Erin's friends--then come to find out--it was one of their birthdays!  What a SUCKY birthday--stuck out at the lake in a broken boat!  We decided to turn it into a swimming party and called Grandma and Grandpa Allen to see if they would save the day!  Not only did they let us use their pool, but they also had hamburgers ready for us to BBQ and chips and stuff to eat with it!  The kids ended up having a great time--despite my little driving error--(which we just got the estimate's not pretty--$3,800).  Good thing boat season is over...that will have to wait to see if the store has a good Christmas because summer has been SLOW!  Love you Erin--and so glad you have great friends, and a great family who stepped up & saved your little get together.  It ended up being a super fun night after all!

Poor Jimmy didn't have very good luck either!  He smacked his face pretty good in the pool!  But he toughed it out!


Ed said...

UGH! We did that with out boat the first time we took Jesse's dad out. Acutally, we made it up into Saguaro lake and were driving along and it hit some huge rock or something under the water. We had to have someone pull us back to the dock. Nightmare. Not a good price tag on the fix either. So sorry! I am hoping the store has an awesome holiday season!

Natalie said...

So sorry you had that happen. Thanks for sharing though. It will help me in the future when I am sure to embarrass myself in front of McKenna and her friends. I will remember this and try to laugh.

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