Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Women's Conference 2010!...

This year, it was me, my Mom, and my sister Kimbie at Women's Conference at BYU.  I was sad my other sisters couldn't make it--but I did have a few sister in laws that came, Katie and Kristy!  It was fun to spend some time with them as well at one of my favorite places!  Women's Conference is a two day conference for women only up at BYU Provo.  It is two days full of classes, and instruction on how to become better women, better mothers, and better wives.  It is amazing to me how there are so many classes to choose from, and yet I always feel like I ended up at just the ones I needed for my life at this moment!  This year was no exception.  I felt renewed, uplifted, and ready to go back and try this mothering/wife thing all over again with a new effort, and a fresh perspective.  It's amazing how a few days away from kids and family leaves you feeling like you can take on the world!  Then again, it's amazing how quickly that new life is sucked out of you a few minutes after you return to normal life!  HA!  They also have a concert every year with some LDS performers.  This year one of the performers was Michael McClean.  He is hilarious.  I had to pull out my camera and take some video during this song when all the women had their cell phones out & we were singing.  People that aren't Mormon would probably look at us and think we were CRAZY--how could something like this be fun?  The theme of the night for heaven sakes was LAUNDRY!  We even sang a song about it!  This is the great thing about the Mormon culture--we can have fun doing just about anything--as long as we are together! 
BYU was beautiful as ever, with the spring tulips--but someone forgot to tell heaven it was spring because there was SNOW this year!  It was super COLD and wet--but I actually didn't mind it much, knowing that 110 degrees are right around the corner for us here in AZ!

 Some of the things I came away with, that I'm trying to work on now that I'm home:
Sister Beck told us that we needed to prioritize our lives, and make sure that we are doing the Essential things first--those things that will qualify us for the Celestial Kingdom such as, scripture study, prayer, temple attendance, church callings, etc..  After that come the Necessary things, such as homemaking, cooking, caring and nurturing our families, and creating an environment in our homes where the spirit can dwell.  The last thing was "Nice to Do" things, such as reading, hobbies, crafts, blogging etc.  We need to make sure we are always doing the necessary and the essential things--THEN Heavenly Father will help us to make some time for the Nice to Do things.  I need to keep this in mind.  I think sometimes I spend a lot of my time on nice to do things--and not enough on the essentials!

Dallin H. Oaks talked about how we need to not be selfish.  This world that we live in, and our society is becoming increasingly selfish--and we need to make sure we are not a part of that.  "It's not about YOU", was one of the quotes he used.  I like that--as mothers it is really NOT about us.  We are here to help others, to serve our families, to serve our neighbors, to serve our fellow sisters, and to serve our Father in Heaven.  When we get wrapped up in "What's in it for ME?"  is when we start going down the wrong path.  It is Satan that would have us focused all of the time on our own wants, desires, and needs.  As women of God, we need to be better than that.  If you have a chance, look up his talk on the Women's Conference website--it's a great one!
On Saturday, we drove up to my sister Wendy's house in Brigham City.  We stopped at Costco along the way to get them a few needed items--check out mom stuck in the back of our rental car--we hardly had room to fit her in! 
We had a great time with Wendy's family--we went to a great little shopping place called Gardner Village in West Jordan.  It was a neat little place, with a great restaurant, with old fashioned food.  I had a turkey dinner with all the fixin's.  They even had a free piece of carrot cake with every meal!  The shops and boutiques were tons of fun to browse through--although I wish I would've had more room to take things home!  There were so many cute things.  It was a lot of fun! 

Then, that night we headed over to Toad's with the kids for laser tag, miniature golf & video games.  We had a great time!  I have never played laser tag before--it was pretty intense!  We definitely have to go do that as a family sometime for family night--it will give me a chance to take out my aggression on my teenagers!  (And I'm sure they need that opportunity to take some out on me as well!)  We were sad we didn't have more time to spend--but glad we got to see my sister and her beautiful family!  She seriously has the sweetest family--and the best kids!  Love you guys!

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Huston Family said...

Sounds like a blast! I've always wanted to go, maybe someday when all the kids are older...and well.

PS love the tulips, they are my favorite flower.

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