Monday, May 31, 2010


This year, Josh was the only one who played Little League baseball.  I can't tell you what a great season it was!  The last three seasons we have had 4 different teams, with the girls and Josh playing, and it was such a nightmare trying to get each of them on time to practices, games, etc.  I love watching them play, and I did miss the girls playing a little bit, but the older girls had just finished up their junior high season of softball, and Abby didn't really want to play, so we decided to just sign Josh up.  Not only that, but Todd was one of the assistant coaches--so he HAD to be at every practice & game...YAY~!  That let me off the hook, and I could be late and not so stressed out!  We sure loved watching this kid play ball!  He is so competitive, and SO intense!  The first game, he hit the ball 3 times down the 1st base line, and got out all three times.  He seemed okay at the field, but as soon as we got home, the tears started to fall.
Me:  What's wrong?
Josh:  I SUCK at baseball!
Me:  (Ignoring the fact that he just said "SUCK"--and he's 7...dang older siblings...)  Why do you say that?
Josh:  Because I do.  I can't hit the ball, and I got out every time!
Me:  That doesn't mean you STINK at baseball, it just means you need more practice.
Josh:  No, I don't STINK--I SUCK!
Me:  (Getting mad now...)  Stop talking like that you little's your first game, you just need more practice!
Josh:  NO!  I am never going back there.
Me:  (yelling now...)  FINE--we'll just call your coach and tell him you're a little quitter than, and a baby--WAAAAH!  Do you need a binky baby?
Josh:  SHUT UP!
Me:  Go to your room you little baby.
Josh:  FINE...(stomping all the way to his room).
Me:  (thinking)...I sure could have probably handled that better...hmmm...
Actually, after a little nap, and some reflection, Josh decided he didn't want to quit the team after all, and we worked with him on how to place his hits different places since he is left handed, and by the end of the season we had quite the little baseball player on our hands!  He sure had fun with Dad as a coach, and had some fun boys on his team as well!  Thanks Yankees for a great season!  Good job Josh--we love you buddy!

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