Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Allen Family Party~

We had 54 people at our house on Sunday for the Allen Family Christmas Party--it was pretty crazy considering that over half of those people are kids! It was tons of fun though. We
demolished a whole 22 pound ham, and a turkey breast, potatoes, and couple of Sue's yummy sheetcake recipes. Christmas even came to us from Jerusalem, via Bob's counselor in the Branch Presidency there, who works in Israel for the consulate, and came to AZ for the Christmas holiday. That was a nice surprise, and they were able to bring us gifts straight from Jerusalem. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa--the gifts were AWESOME! We missed you! We forgot the costumes for the nativity, so we just read the story and sang the songs, so the pictures aren't as good--but the spirit was there, and it was so much fun. Thanks everyone for the awesome time--we are so grateful for a great family who loves and supports eachother!
Gifts from Jerusalem!!

Grandma and Grandpa gave the girls awesome GENIE pants!

My super awesome cleaning crew kept the party going all night with Guitar Hero--Girls, YOU ROCK! Thanks for the help!

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