Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Welcome Summer!...

I was listening to the radio the other day, and the person was talking about how kids in America are dumber than kids in China and other countries, because our kids have a summer vacation, and those kids go to school year round.  The person was making the argument that kids should never have more than two weeks off school at a time, since they lose valuable information in that time off, and how we will never be able to compete as a nation with these other countries, because we don't take education seriously enough.  What a bunch of hogwash!  I don't care what people think--I LOVE SUMMER!  So my kids might forget a few things...and August and September might be spent reviewing...so WHAT!  You heard me right--who cares?  You go to school 9 1/2 months out of each year--almost all day long!  I think without summer vacation, I would lose my ever-lovin' mind! 
For me, summer has always been about freedom.  Freedom from schedules, freedom from homework, freedom from sports teams, organizations, grades, and teachers.  Freedom from parents even (as you get older...)!  I love that my kids are MINE for the summer.  I don't have to share them with anyone, and I don't have to account for our time together.  If we spend the whole day together--and all we do is lounge around--I don't have to apologize to anyone that we didn't get homework done, or that they didn't practice their instrument, or that we didn't have time to do that project.  Our time is OUR TIME, and we can spend it however we want.  I know for many moms, this doesn't sound like fun--it sounds like pure CHAOS.  But for me, a Mary--(see that post HERE), it works!  So if my kids are dumber than a kid in China--oh well.  At least they can look back on the 10 weeks we spend together every summer, and remember that their lives were not all about books, and homework, and practice. Every summer--there was FUN!
This week, the kids used their points from our chore chart (the website we've been using is HERE--it's super awesome, and SO easy for the kids to use), to purchase a Slip-N-Slide that they saw in the Target circular that we got in the mail.  I remember my first Slip-N-Slide!  As a kid, there's not anything as fun on a hot summer day then to run and slide on one of these babies! Josh and Ashlie put their money together, and went in on the most super awesome 3 lane racing one!  I must say, it brought back some fun memories to see them play on it.  I still remember when I got mine for my birthday.  All the neighborhood kids came over and we played on it for HOURS!  It used to irritate the heck out of my dad, since he has always been a stickler for a well manicured lawn--and when we used it it would destroy the grass underneath.  I'm surprised he let me have that thing at all!  My kids enjoyed it just as much, and I have the pictures to prove it!  Take a look at their faces, and ask yourself if these kinds of smiles could be found at anytime other than SUMMER?!  Not a chance!

 Now tell me:  Do you think Chinese kids look this HAPPY?  I don't think so!  HA!

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