Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mormon Prom...2012!

Here in Arizona, we are so blessed to have MANY Mormons living around us. It makes it so wonderful for my kids (as it was for me) to go to school with so many who share their beliefs, and their standards.  At least you have to hope they do!  There is a business out in Queen Creek that sponsors a dance called Mormon Prom, and they invite kids from all over the valley to come to it. There are dress standards, and the music is cleaner than at your regular high school prom, so the kids love it!  Many times, they don't even stay long at the high school dances because of the icky dresses, and the awful music they play.  Kids even "grind" on each other, and dance in sexually suggestive ways.  Mormon Prom is just a FUN night for kids to be able to enjoy dancing and having a good time in a better atmosphere.

Emie went to Mormon Prom with Cameron Clark.  They have been dating for awhile now, and he happened to turn 16 just in time for Mormon Prom--too late for regular Prom, which she went to before that.  Lucky her, we found a dress the same time we were shopping for her prom dress, so we rented both of them. I really loved her dress!  She looked amazing, and they had a great time.  What a lucky girl that she got to go to 3 formal dances her sophomore year!  So proud of this girl and what an amazing young lady she is becoming.  She is not only beautiful, but she's smart, and talented as well. Love you, Em!

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