Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crazy (BUSY) Girl!...

This spring has been a busy one for my Emie!  Last year, she did Softball, and Club Volleyball.  This year, she decided to change it up, and for awhile, I thought she was just going to do volleyball again.  Then, she didn't come home on the bus one day, and I found out she was joining the track team!  WHAT?  Not only that--her coach in PE told her that she should try pole-vaulting, since her arms were so strong. He thought she would be good at it!  Just about the last thing anyone who has just paid the $1,200 fee for a volleyball club team wants to hear, is that her daughter is going to be pole-vaulting simultaneously!  I told her, "you better not hurt yourself!"  She agreed to be careful (as careful as you can be when you are flinging yourself over a bar three or four feet higher than your head with a pole)!  Sure.  It ended up working out okay--and she actually was really good at it!  She even took on another event--shot put--when she was messing around at a meet and entered the event for fun.  She did better than both the girls on her team that had done it the year before, and even ended up qualifying for the state meet!  Silly girl! Here she is in action!

 Stupid sign was in the way--so my pic got messed up--so I made Emie move the sign before the next throw...
Then--wouldn't you know it, dude decides to get out of his chair and stand up, and yeah, no picture...oh well.

 I love watching them warm up, and all the poles!  So fun!

 Love this one--she's too fast for my camera flying through the air! 

Emie her and her friend Kessa were on the same club volleyball team, so they took turns driving (Hallelujah!), so I didn't have to drive them around.  I still don't know what I think about the CLUB thing--you can read my previous thoughts HERE, but I do know that to have a chance at making varsity next year, she needed to find a good club so she could improve in the off season.  We ended up finding Players, and it was a perfect fit.  They finished #12 out of over 40 teams in the 17+ age division.  The girls had a fabulous season, and really made some good friends.  I was grateful that they took Emie in, and she really did improve as the season went on.  She is a good little back row player (libero), and an aggressive digger.  Very little got past her!  I was proud of her for sticking it out, and finding the time and energy to make it to practices and tournaments.  She isn't the biggest, or the fastest, or the strongest at everything she does, but she is one determined girl--I like to think she gets that from ME--(of course--Todd would probably say the same--and he did play a whole football game his senior year with a broken JAW--so I might have to cede that point)! Anyway, so proud of you girl for all of your accomplishments!  We love you!  :)

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