Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's a Miracle...We got a DOG!

If you know me, you know that I'm not really a pet person.  Growing up--I always had pets around, dogs and cats.  Somehow, they either all mysteriously disappeared, (as an adult, I found out my dad had an arrangement with our neighbor to conveniently dispose of eachother's animals if they were sick or whatever--NICE!) or they died of natural causes. When I married Todd, he was deathly allergic to cats--and I found out I was too (duh--how did I never figure that out when I was growing up, and suffering from horrible allergies).

We were never in a hurry to get a pet.  We tried a few dogs as our kids came along--believing that kids are always better off if they have a pet of some kind.  We started with a HUGE black lab, that was well behaved, but just too big, and it would jump on our little kids and scare them to the point that they wouldn't go near her.  We gave her away, then Todd got a little puppy, believing we could train it better--ummm...NOPE!  That dog was horrible!  It chewed through everything--including hoses, cable wire, shoes, toys, and the last straw was when he chewed through the air conditioning wire--a $500 fix!

Our next dog was a little Lhasa Apso that my sister had to get rid of, and we took it in.  He had been a rescue dog, and he was CRAZY aggressive toward her kids, and then mine.  Thinking I could save him, I hired a dog trainer, who charged $100/hour.  After five training sessions, she told me that this was the ONLY dog she had ever met that she could not train!  That dang dog stopped being aggressive and barking at the kids, but he was such a free spirit--he would NOT stay in the house.  Anytime the door would open, that dog was GONE!  I had to chase him around, and try to keep it out of the street, and it was SO stressful!  I finally gave him to my mom and dad (who still have him) when I was 8 months preggo with Jack, and I just could NOT chase him down one more time!  He still runs away from my parents--but they love him (more than they ever did us), and my Dad even shares his Oreo's with that dang dog!  Ha!  That's love!

Anyway, I saw that my friend was getting rid of a dog on Facebook, and when I saw his picture, I just couldn't resist!  Jack and Josh have  been asking for a dog forever (they loved the dog, it was me who resisted).  I acted on impulse, and went and got him!  His name is Bandit--and the kids just love him to death!  So far, he's been really well behaved, and mellow, just what I wanted!  It's fun having a pet around again, and I think I'm finally ready, now that I don't have babies and kids that don't need my attention every minute of every day!  Welcome to the family, Bandit!

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