Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy Birthday TODD!...

This year Todd turns the BIG 3 - 9!  The last year in his 30's!  WOW!  Good thing he's looking younger and more good looking than ever!  We got up and made a QT Doughnut cake...our new tradition (we like them more than Krispy Kreme!).  I even bought 39 candles for his cake!  Boy did that fill the room up with smoke!  We got him some YUMMY cologne, some clothes, Erin got him a fancy watch, and I got him one of his favorite movies of all time--Jeremiah Johnson with Robert Redford.  He remembers watching it growing up in Utah--since it was filmed there, near Sundance, where later Redford bought his ranch.  I don't think I have ever really watched the whole pretty much puts me to sleep--but Todd LOVES it!  I have looked for it for years...but it's not one of those movies that is easy to find.  I happened to be checking out at Frys a few months ago, and saw that they had old Westerns on display and was SO happy to find it!  Happy Birthday Todd~! Real quick--39 things I LOVE about my hubby:
1. SO good lookin'
2. Hard worker
3. Good husband
4. Better father
5. Strong (really he is a stud)
6. Smart
7. Sensitive (when he needs to be..)
8. Funny
9. Unpredictable
10. Spontaneous
11. Sarcastic
12. Good liar (really, it's a gift...)
13. Eagle Scout...(and Scout Master now...ugh)
14. Kids are giving him the cutest white hairs!
15. Protective
16. Loyal
17. Flirt
18. Fixes things...when he gets around to it!
19. Talented
20. Loving
21. Kind
22. Generous (always has been...)
23. Helpful around the house...not afraid to scrub toilets or do dishes!
24. Likes to eat out as much as I do...
25. Loves a good vacation
26. Spiritual
27. Sweet to the kids (Jack loves him more than me...)
28. Gorgeous green eyes...with one pupil that doesn't dilate--so cute.
29. Good listener...he lets me talk as much as I want...that's not easy
30. Loves his family
31. Loves football and puts up with me commenting on every play...
32. Loves sports
33. Loves hunting (but doesn't over do it)
34. Lets me do my thing... he's always been supportive.
35. Great testimony
36. Handsome & SEXY!
37. Great smile
38. Twinkle in his eyes
39. After 17 years together, he still makes my heart skip a beat! 
Thanks babe for putting up with me!  I love you!  Happy Birthday!

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