Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Erin!

12 years ago--this sweet little girl was laid in my arms, and I have been in awe ever since. My Erin--what can I say? So determined, so stubborn, so outspoken, so social and outgoing...she is like ME in so many ways! Emie looks more like me, but Erin is definitely the kid who acts most like her mother--sometimes to her own detriment! Erin has had a smile on her face since day one! It's hard to catch her in a bad mood, or not smiling. I love that she is positive, and always has fun no matter where she is or what she's doing. She is a great babysitter, and very hands on. She loves babysitting baby Jack especially--they have quite a little bond. Sometimes he even calls her mama! I'm so grateful to have Erin in our family, and so grateful for her willingness to help out wherever she is needed. I'm also grateful that she is finally a BEEHIVE, and I don't have to hear her complain every week that she is the only one left in primary! YAY! Love you Erin--you're the BEST!Erin LOVES her cousins! The Beehives decorated our yard on her birthday!
Thanks Grandma Allen for the AWESOME dress! (Those of you with girls--Dillards--it's the only place for modest dresses these days) LOVE it!


kbhull said...

i love her!! happy birthday girl!!!!

Tawni said...

Happy Happy Birthday Erin! She was about 2 when we got married and I thought she was the CUTEST little girl in the world! LOVE the dress, sooo cute!

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