Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camping at Fish Lake

We got to Fish lake a little late in the day, and all the campgrounds were pretty full, so we ended up camping a few miles out of town at Johnson Reservoir, still a beautiful area. We showered in town--(such fun with 6 kids) at the town store, that was interesting! We bought some marshmallows to roast and the kids went around gathering firewood to roast marshmallows. It was cracking me up when Josh brought his stick to roast his marshmallows--it was ginormous! He just loves setting things on fire (yikes...) and I don't even think he ate one of his marshmallows, he just fried them till they were all black and crispy then threw them into the fire! Silly boy... Jack on the other hand didn't cook his at all--and LOVED eating like 20 of them. Ashlie is too funny about going potty in the outhouse, she hated it! I think she'd rather go outside by a bush than go in the outhouse--who can blame her? Those things are soooo gross--who has the job of emptying those anyway? They can't possibly get paid enough can they? I guess you can tell, I'm not much of a camper--and some of my kids are following suit! I was just happy for the RV--and a soft bed, with a roof to keep us dry and warm since it rained all night long! We are having a great time!

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