Monday, June 18, 2012

Oceanside 2012...

Okay, so I better update my last post, since our vacation is over, and I've had time to relax.  It ended up being an okay week at the Beach Club. It was just a weird week.  Since the management singled us out the first day--we were on guard all week, which is really no way to spend a vacation.  They even went so far as to tell us that we needed to have our kids all wear a wristband, so we put them all on.  The next day, we look at the kids coming out of other people's rooms, and wouldn't you know it?  No wristbands.  This was their way of singling out our family, getting a good count, and keeping tabs on them throughout the week.  Not cool.  We cut those things off pretty quickly. Then, we were sure to call the front desk and complain about every OTHER kid in the resort who was running, or making noise.  We even saw some on scooters--having FUN in the hallway!  That sort of thing is frowned upon.  Snarky? Yes.  Just a little annoyed still at the people for the rude treatment.  As you can tell, this is a small resort--only 20+ rooms, which is why they know us all, and were ready for us when we came.  Annoying. Who knows?  It might be our last year we are allowed to go there, which makes me really sad!  Anyone know of a good resort where we can get 7 or 8 rooms the same week?  A beach vacation without 25+ cousins would not be a vacation at all!!

Todd was not in great shape this vacation.  On the ride over, he even turned on the heater.  WHAT?  If you know my husband, you know he is SICK when he turns on the heater.  He had been sick for a few weeks prior, cough, chills, etc., but on Monday, he was DEATHLY ill.  He stayed in bed all day while we had fun at the beach--not joining us until dinner time--and then went back to bed until almost 11 a.m. the next day!  Poor guy.  Even when he was out on the beach, he wasn't feeling well enough to go out into the freezing water, so he only got in a few times when it was sunny.  Too bad, because this is his favorite vacation!  He is usually the first one in the ocean, and the last one out!  The weather was cloudy and a little cold most days, so I didn't get in much either--again--just a weird year!

The other rotten thing about the week was that I forgot my CAMERA!  Are you kidding me?  I seriously had charged it, and gotten a new zoom lens just for this vacation--then I left it sitting on my kitchen counter!  Ugh.  Katie was nice enough to let me use hers to get a few shots--so I will post more when I get them--these are just on my cell phone, so they aren't very good, but oh well.  Not much luck this week, like I said. 

All was not lost.  We still enjoyed the beach, and the waves.  The kids didn't know, or care about our problems, so they enjoyed every moment!  We had some yummy meals, both at the resort, and eating out.  The farmers market and sunset market were amazing and delicious as ever.  We found a new yogurt place, and it was AWESOME!  We even fit in time for a movie, MIB3--which Todd slept through since he was on drugs for his cold--but I loved!  The kids had a fabulous time with their cousins--and Abby was even able to bring her friend Marley with her (lifesaver--since all of the cousins Abby's age are boys--and even though she loves them, 11 year old boys and girls couldn't be much more different).  We loved having her there!  The older teenagers were able to go to the San Diego Temple with Grandma and Grandpa--they had a BLAST!  As always, Oceanside was a great place to be for a week, and when we hit Yuma on the way home--there is always that sigh when you step out of the car and realize you are back to the HOT desert. Oh my, it's going to be a LONG summer!

We love walking on the pier, looking at what the fishermen catch. This particular trip, there was a lady there trying to sell little dachsund puppies.  She let the kids hold them and they were ADORABLE!

 Todd dug an awesome tunnel--the kids loved crawling through it!
 FUN with Jack on the car ride home!  So funny!

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Kelsey Stenquist said...

It makes me so sad and drives me crazy how lame they were to you guys this year. Glad you ended up having a good week though. Haha Todd must've been on his death bed to turn on the heater! I don't know if I've ever heard of that happening!:)

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