Friday, January 13, 2012

12 Goals in 2012!...

So, the last few years, instead of New Years Resolutions, I decided to choose a "Word of the Year", just something general to work on, instead of choosing specific goals.  While that has been a great experience, I have also found that I have been pretty lazy when it comes to setting goals for myself.  Even though we don't always keep our new years resolutions--I think that we should continue to set goals for ourselves, and try to improve ourselves consistently.  I have gotten pretty lazy the last few years when it comes to setting goals.  In fact, I find that I had plenty of excuses--but not much in the way of accomplishments!  I want this year to be about improving myself, and doing hard things.  I always annoy my kids when I tell them, "Did Justin Bieber say he couldn't do something--NO--he said Never Say Never!"  (I loved that movie!  HA!) Annoying right?  But I think he has a point.  Sometimes the only person holding you back is you!  In my case, I think it happens quite often-- I consistently sell myself short.  There was a quote by William Shakespeare that hung in my home growing up, on the wall in the dining room.  I remember reading it several times and not really understanding what it meant, until one day in high school, it finally clicked, it said:  "Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose;  the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt."  So many times, I don't even try to set a goal, because I am so doubtful that I can actually achieve it.  So many times my doubts get the best of me. This year, I am going to try a little harder to attempt to do something good, to achieve something, and even if I fall short, at least I didn't let my doubts get the best of me.

When I was thinking about the goals I wanted to set for 2012, I thought that setting 12 goals would be perfect, one for each month of the year.  Don't worry--there won't be anything earth shattering here.  If I have learned anything about myself over the years, it is this:  I am easily overwhelmed, and when I am overwhelmed, I tend to give up altogether.  If I am going to set goals for myself, I need to keep them specific, and not too general.  If you set a goal to "help bring about world peace", the odds are you are going to be frustrated with the result.  Maybe setting a goal to "yell at the kids less" is a little more reasonable, get my point?  I also need to pace myself, and not try to work on too many things at once, so I don't get overwhelmed. Also, I thought if I posted these goals on my blog, and blogged about my progress through the year, it would add some much needed accountability to the mix since another one of my huge weaknesses is that I tend to give up easily (or just forget what I was supposed to be working on in the first place--I know.  I am ridiculous, but it's true)!

So here we go--My 12 Goals for 2012!

1. Exercise! Work out at least 4X per week, and run the Shun the Sun 1/2 marathon in Nov.  I chose this goal instead of quitting junk food, or sugar, or soda, because quite frankly I like my food too much to give it up--so I MUST exercise consistently!  I can work on eating a bit healthier, however--at least a bit LESS!  :)
2. Organize. I want to organize one room every month, and fix the things in that room that need to be fixed.  I get so overwhelmed when I think about organizing my whole house...but I think I can handle one room every month!  I am starting this month in my kitchen, and it is coming along quite well actually!
3.  Listen. I need to be a better listener, and try to let someone else talk once in awhile.  I am not promising anything here, except maybe to take a breath once in awhile, and let you get a sentence in before cutting you off.  That is one of Todd's major pet peeves with me, (and I'm sure my kids as well) is that I don't listen very well, since I LOVE to talk.  So sorry if that's your pet peeve too...I am working on it.  If you see me doing breathing exercises during our conversation, I am practicing this new skill.
4. 1 on 1 time.  Take one child on a "date" with mom and dad each month.  We have 6 kids, and with such a large family, I worry that we don't spend as much 1 on 1 time as we should with them.  I want to take the time to get to know each of them, and listen to them more.  This just doesn't happen magically--you have to make it happen, and we haven't been great at it!
5. Read.  I hope to read at least one good book every month.  What's your favorite?  Any suggestions?  A few months ago, someone in my ward started a book club, and I started reading the book for it.  I really forgot over the years how much I love to read!  I haven't been good at making it to the actual book club, it seems like my life is still a little hectic, no matter what night, but I have been reading a book every month, and it has been so nice to take that time to myself to get into a great book.
6. Date Night.  Todd and I have been slackers lately in this department, and we need to get back to it.  I think when you have teenagers that fight you about babysitting, it doesn't make it easy to get out yourselves. Lots of times, we end up staying home so that they can go out and play--but c'mon, it's important that we take time for ourselves, away from the kids every week.  I love the time that we spend together and it makes for a happier marriage.  The kids are going to have to take turns babysitting, and suck it up.
7. Read Scriptures Daily & Temple weekly.  My friend started a group on Facebook, Book of Mormon Chapter a Day Challenge 2012.  She is posting weekly excerpts from the Book of Mormon manual.  We should be done reading it in August if we stick to a chapter a day--or sooner if you do more!  It's a great way to help you stay motivated & a pretty easy goal, as a chapter a day should only take 10-15 min.  The link to her FB group is HERE.  I have been going to the temple on Thursdays when I take Jack to preschool, and it is amazing how much it helps me to focus my priorities.  I love that place, and the peace it brings to my life.
8. Weekly Dinner Menu.  Some months I am really with it when it comes to dinners in this house--and some months, I really slack off.  Whether I have freezer meals ready to go or not, I need to stick to a dinner menu.  I spend a lot less money, and I go to the store less, and lets face it, if I am trying to stay in shape, why sabotage my efforts with Little Caesars? ( Even though I'm telling you, there's no better deal out there!)
9. BLOG.  Twice a week.  Truth is, I kinda slacked off on my blogging effort last year.  Yes, it was a stressful year, and I didn't want to be Negative Nancy on here, so I didn't post as much, but it's a new year, and all the years, bad and good need to be here.  Someday, I will have a wonderful record of our family, good times and bad for my kids to look back on and laugh or cry.
10. Shower.  I bet you didn't see that one coming!  No really, I do shower.  I just need to get my butt into the shower before I start my day.  My goal is to be showered and ready before the kids go to school so that I can do more with my day.  I find when I wait until the kids are all gone, I get into the shower at 10 or 11, and half the day is gone before I get out of my PJ's.  I have a major problem getting out of bed over here--must be cause I'm getting so OLD!
11. Budget.  Todd will laugh out loud when he sees that 4-letter word on my blog--but we really do need to be better at sticking to one.  With a fledgling new business, and a lawyer bill bigger than my house payment, (I love lawyers..they're awesome) we really need to budget our money and make it stretch this year.  I know how it feels to get down to your last dime (literally), and that was NOT a nice feeling.  We need to buckle down & make a budget work.
12. PLAY.  This one should be easy right?  Not always.  Sometimes, I am so busy doing the aforementioned things, that I forget that it's okay to leave the laundry piled up, and snuggle with my Jack to watch TV, or leave the house a mess, and go on a 3 day weekend with the family.  Life is short--we need to live it to the fullest!

So there you go.  Easy peasy, right?  Let's hope so.  I will check in once in awhile and let you know how it's going!  I hope your resolutions are going well...if not, start today!  Happy 2012!


Ed said...

I really should get in gear and at least organize some GOALS to start with! Wow. You have a great list here!
Also, I want to do a bunch of freezer meals. I know you have links to recipes, but how do you actually get up the energy to do them!?

Amberly said...

love the blog banner... so darling!

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