Sunday, July 18, 2010

It's Official...she's a TEENAGER!

My GOODNESS--is time flying or what!?!  I can't believe I officially have 2 teenagers in this house--and that they haven't killed eachother yet!  J/K--they actually get along pretty well!  Erin turned the big 13 yesterday, and we were able to take her out to eat on Friday and SURPRISE--her favorite--SHOPPING for her birthday!  Then her cousins took her out on the town yesterday for some birthday fun!  I love Erin so much because, well, she reminds me the most of ME!  Here are 13 things we LOVE about our Erin:
13.  Erin is LOUD--she doesn't have an "inside voice"--so even when we're old, and deaf, we will be able to hear her!
12.  Erin is friendly--she loves people, and isn't afraid to talk to just about anyone!
11.  Erin is SMART--yep, she's smart as a whip, even though she will tell you no she's not, and she hates school, you should see her AIMS scores--the girl is amazingly smart!
10.  Erin loves music, you rarely see her without her ipod somewhere close!  She also loves Facebook & keeping in touch with her friends 24/7!
9.  Erin is a great babysitter, and she loves her brothers and sisters.  She also loves to TEASE them as only she can do!
8.  Erin has a great SMILE--and she is always wearing it!
7.  She is naturally talented at just about everything she tries--except maybe ice skating--I heard that didn't go very well--and she brought a few people down with her!
6.  She can talk people into just about ANYTHING using her charm and wit.  I am amazed with what she got away with at school with her teachers--she will probably be able to talk her way out of a few speeding tickets too!
5.  She has the best LAUGH--and can get anyone giggling right along with her!
4.  She is STRONG!  They have been doing a Crossfit Kids class--and this kid is amazingly STRONG!  I am proud of her!
3.  She has the best complexion, and a beautiful skin tone--she doesn't even have to wear ANY make-up!  SOOOOooooooo jealous!  =)  She gets a tan without ever burning either--amazing!
2.  She has a strong will--which in some ways is hard for me to deal with--but I also know that she will need to be strong and stubborn to grow up in this world full of wickedness.  I know that Erin will be strong headed when it comes to standing up for herself and choosing the right!
1.  Erin is the BEST DAUGHTER IN THE WORLD--and for sure MY FAVORITE!  (Oh, did I say that already?)

We love you sweetheart!  Happy Birthday!


Kelsey Stenquist said...

She looks SO beautiful in those pictures!! Can't believe she's so old!!

Huston Family said...

How did that silly chatty little girl in primary get so old! What a beautiful girl you got there.

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