Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Abster!

I have been so neglectful on my blogging this summer--mostly because I feel like I have been in "survival mode".  You know the feeling where you are just barely keeping your head above water--and feel like you might drown at any minute--but I have been trying to "just keep swimming", as Dory would say!  Anyway, my sweet, wonderful, patient, most amazing daughter Abby had birthday number 10 a few weeks back while we were at Lake Powell, and has been gently reminding me ever since that I have forgotten to blog about it!  Truth be told, Abby had a pretty crappy birthday!  It seems like every year on her birthday she has an ear infection!  It's like a birthday tradition for her to come home from the beach with one, and it STINKS!  This year, we were at the lake on a super fun houseboat, and she couldn't even SWIM because her ear was hurting her so bad!  Luckily, someone had some half-used antibiotics, and she was able to get on them and she only missed a few days of swimming. 
Here are 10 things we love about our ABSTER:
10.  She is SO sweet to those around her.  Abby is a very caring and loving person.  She is truly a friend to everyone!
9.  Abby is very patient and easy going.  It takes a lot to get her rattled--although certain people in this family have a knack for doing it--(Josh and Erin without mentioning any names...)
8.  Abby is a READER!  I'm excited to have another reader in the house who will read all these books I bought for Emie years ago!
7.  Abby works hard at anything she does, she doesn't give up.  She worked very hard on her math grade last year, bringing it up in one semester from a C to an A.  She stayed after school for tutoring, and persevered, even though it was hard.
6.  Abby is a great babysitter, and loves her brothers and sisters--especially baby Jack--I love to watch her with him, she is so kind and loving--she will be a great mother someday!
5.  Abby speaks kindly to people, she doesn't lose her temper much or yell and scream.
4.  Abby always reminds us that we need to read scriptures or pray or have family night.  We are grateful to have children who love to choose the right!
3.  Abby is a LOVER--she loves to hug & kiss us, and she has the cutest way of puckering her lips to the side when she kisses you.  She is adorable.
2.  Abby sets a good example to those around her, she is not afraid to choose the right, even if she is alone in doing it.  She has a wonderful testimony, and is not afraid to bear it!
1.  She is the BEST DAUGHTER IN THE WORLD!  And for sure my favorite!
We love you Abby!  Happy Birthday!

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