Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lake Powell 2010!

This year, Dr. Chris (Todd's Brother) & Cindy invited us to Lake Powell for their houseboat timeshare vacation.  We pretty much jumped at the chance to go since it has been 16 years since we have been on a houseboat vacation at Lake Powell--the last time was when we were first married & we had no kids!  It was their family, our family, Todd's sister Katie's family, and Cindy's sister Lisa's family.  Almost 30 people in all!  Oh my gosh did we have a BLAST!  We found an amazing little cove to camp in, and the weather, and the skiing were awesome!  The little kids had a great time fishing, and jumping off the houseboat, watching movies, EATING--of course, and just having all kinds of FUN with their cousins!  The adults were able to get away a few times ourselves to have some fun skiing together without our kids making fun of us!  Thanks guys for inviting us to come along & crash your party!  We had a GREAT time!  Of course I took a TON of pictures--but here are some of my favorites!
Our houseboat was called "Making Memories"--and BOY did we make some memories!  We will always remember trying to get the houseboat to actually DRIVE STRAIGHT!  They don't really give you lessons you know--you just show up & they say "have a great time!"  We were laughing so hard as we fishtailed it out into the open water!  The boys eventually figured it out!  Too funny!
The kids are CRAZY!  They didn't even hesitate to jump off a 50 foot cliff!
Rainbow Bridge!
Josh absolutely LOVED fishing off the houseboat!  He caught a HUGE carp--and was mad when we let it go back into the water...
He goes, "MOM--I wanted to hang that up on the wall in the cabin!" 
Todd says, "Son, we don't hang CARP up on the wall!" 
He says--"Yes they do--I've seen them in restaurants!" 
Too funny!  Love this kid!


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