Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Abby girl!...

On June 27th, my Abby turned 11 years old!  Can you believe it?  I remember when this sweet girl was born, it seems like just yesterday.  Abby was born in less than 6 hours, my shortest, and happiest labor.  She was patient then, as now.  Poor thing was sitting there, crowning for over an hour waiting for the doctor to get there so I could deliver her.  3 pushes, and she was out!  Piece of cake.  Emie and Erin fell in love at first sight!  And so did I.  We named her Abby Michelle because her nurse, Michelle, was the best nurse ever--and I needed a good middle name.  What a beautiful day!  She always says I don't have any pictures of her--but I really do.  I just stopped scrapbooking, oh, about the time she was born.  These are in a box--just waiting for, well, SOMEDAY to come...when I have some extra time on my hands...SO--just for you Abby--so you KNOW how much I loved (LOVE) you--here comes PICTURE OVERLOAD!

 And what did I want to do, immediately?  EAT of course!  Pretty, eh?  Yes, I am a pig.
Meeting her sisters...

 Family of FIVE!  Can you believe I sent this out for our Christmas card that year?  Oh my.Hospital Gown, no bra, wow.

Poor Abby came home to a life of chaos, the 3rd girl.  She had two older sisters, and it seemed like I never had that 3rd hand that I needed to hold her and cuddle her as much as I would've liked.  Abby never minded.  From the day I brought her home, she was always my best baby.  Even as a toddler, my sweet Abby was such a go-with-the-flow girl.  I remember her so many times coming up to me to tell me she was tired, and she was gonna take a nap.  She would go to her room and go to sleep, just like that.  She was always a peacemaker, and has never been one to start fights or argue with me or her siblings.  Such a sweet middle child--sometimes I would even forget she was there!  There was one problem--sometimes, indeed she WASN'T there!  Abby was my child that LOVED to wander off and explore.  We lost her more than a few times, at the store, in hotels, at home, and a few times we were SO scared we weren't gonna be lucky enough to find her!  But Abby had a wonderful guardian angel that kept her safe!  Needless to say, I have thanked the Lord more than once for sending me such a sweet baby for my 3rd baby.  Many people say their 3rd was their hardest...but not me.  (Mine was my 5th--no doubt about it!).  Look how adorable she is!

 Abby's blessing day:
 The only time she cried--her sisters gave her too much love sometimes!

 Abby loved to fall asleep in random places--in random princess costumes!  So cute--wand and all!

 Always a princess...

Abby started the day with our new QT donut cake tradition.  YUM!  She got the beach cruiser she has been asking for, well, for a few years!  She was so excited!  Then for lunch, I took Abby and her friend Marley out to lunch at Joe's Farm Grill--Double YUM!  Her sweet friend and her mom made her a huge card, with balloons and treats and dropped them off. 

We made this super cute invite for her birthday party--since we were in town and so were a few of Abby's friends. It looked adorable when we put it on sparkly paper & had rock & roll stickers on them.  My girls were pretty impressed--Emie was like, "Mom, you're creative all the sudden?" Ya, I don't really get around to making stuff these days...time and season?--or something like that...(Umm...I think that's my excuse for just about everything! You caught me!) But back in the day, I used to whip out cute invites, and cakes, and partys & the whole bit.  Just not 6 kids later--simplify, you know.
We decided to go to Airworks since I bought a groupon for it a few months ago.  It's an indoor trampoline place, and a ton of fun.  The girls especially took a liking to the dodgeball corner.  They were pretty tough--taking out those boys!  They had a great time!  Abby's friend, Abby Wallace came down wrong during a dodgeball game and twisted her ankle.  Bummer!  We took good care of her though, and her friends, and Todd helped carry her around when we went to Cold Stone for dessert.  So glad Abby has such a sweet group of friends--I am so grateful for this area that we live in, and that her friends are all such sweet examples. Most of all, I am so grateful for my sweet Abby--for the best daughter anyone could ask for!  We love you SO much Abster!  Happy Birthday!

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