Saturday, June 26, 2010

The WORST part of a vacation...

We are going HERE tomorrow!  I am SO excited!

Today I was so motivated--I just had to do a FEW things to get ready to go to Lake Powell tomorrow.  Yeah right--Just take a look at my day:
8:00a.m.--get woken up by my sister Kimbie--she is coming down to go to the temple today!  YAY!
9:00--shower & get ready for the day--need to go shopping before Kimbie gets here...
10:00--go down to the store to meet with our new photographer--Dalene Griffin (you can read about her on our Old Jerusalem Treasures website--click on the link on my sidebar) to get some ideas on what to do with her beautiful photos that we bought for the store!
11:00--head out to Costco, the Post Office, and Albertsons to buy food for the Family Reunion (they have a great deal on blsl chicken this week--$1.67/lb.) I am in charge of Friday night's dinner for 110 people!  I already cooked & shredded about 20 lbs. of chicken yesterday--I am cooking the rest today! 
1:00 p.m.--FINALLY return home--my sister & her kids are swimming, feel bad for leaving them here for an hour while I shopped, but I DID hurry.
1:30-- Help make lunch and clean up after our 14 kids--YEP--I said 14!  Put 24 chicken breasts in 2 crockpots to cook the last half of the chicken.
2:30--Hold the baby to get him to go to sleep so we can go to the temple...I think this, and the temple are the only time I sat down today!
3:30--get to the temple--aaaaaaaaahhhhh!  LOVE the temple!  So peaceful, So QUIET...zzzzzzzzzzzzz....WAIT--I need to wake up!   Aaaaaaaaahhhh So peaceful, SO quiet...zzzzzzzzzz.  Boy is it hard to stay awake for a whole session sometimes!
6:00--get some pizza for the kids & we go out to Carrabbas for a YUMMY dinner!  Treat my sister since she is watching Jack for me for a few days so we don't have to worry about him at Powell...he is just SO busy!  Kimbie--you're amazing!
8:00--get back from dinner, Kimbie leaves (already miss my Jack Jack) , start cleaning, and packing. 
10:00--done packing the kids--but realize we still need some things at the store...ugh...I hate going to Walmart late at night--can you say CREEPERS!
12:00 a.m.--leave Walmart--yep--CREEPERS!
12:30--put away the rest of the food, fold a load of laundry.
1:00--shred 20 lbs. of chicken & put it in bags--fold a load of laundry
1:30--make homemade salsa to take with us since I have tomatoes that are going bad...start cleaning the kitchen...
2:30--STILL cleaning--GAD--it still looks like a BOMB went off in here!
3:00--sit down at the computer to finish typing up a reunion agenda for the family reunion next week--okay--I said I would send it out on Friday--and technically it's Saturday now--but c'mon--it's been a long day!
3:30--check e-mail, check Facebook--because you know how NOT important that is...but c'mon it doesn't even make much sense to go to bed now does it?
4:00--sitting here BLOGGING because I seriously can't believe I can make it through days like this and not go INSANE!  Wait...that's not entirely true!  I mean if I was completely SANE--I could NEVER do this crazy job called motherhood!
The WORST part of a vacation???  It's the GETTING THERE!

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