Saturday, November 14, 2009

Race Day!...

The Run From the Sun AZ 1/2 Marathon!!!
13.1 Miles!!!!
We ran it today--at 7 a.m.
I have a good attitude!
I didn't complain...
I didn't whine...
I just RAN!
We laughed--and cried, together!
Best of all...
The End.

Not really the end, I was just trying to contrast my experience from a few weeks ago with today's race. Actually, I felt really good today, and tried to have a good attitude, and most of all prayed to be able to reach my goal & finish the race! It worked! I finished in 2 hours 25 minutes--and still had a smile on my face! That might seem really slow--but when you realize that 3 months ago we had to stop 2 or 3 times when we were running just 3 miles, I think it was amazing that we all were able to run this far and finish! I missed Todd today--he was doing a funeral for a friend in CA and couldn't be there. I think he would've been proud of me for hanging in there, and trying to have a good attitude! I missed having him run by my side! I tried to make it my best run today. In my heart, I am a competitor--even though my body can't quite pull it off anymore! I ran with Todd's brother David most of the way and man, did he keep me laughing! I kept telling him "SI SE PUEDE David"! "YES WE CAN!" Who knew that Barack Obama would be the motivation that we needed! Yikes! The race turned out to be very fun, and very well organized, and I can't tell you how proud we are of Dr. Greg for his hard work and dedication to get this thing pulled off this weekend. You just don't realize how much work, and time, and money goes into a race like this! Besides the fact that he just got called into the Bishopric in his ward, as well as his wife Tera being due with a baby in 3 weeks! Dr. Greg--you are AMAZING!! We are SO proud of you! And even though we were all cursing your name at one time or another in the last few months--thank you so much for getting us all MOVING!

I just want to share a sweet experience that my amazing sister in laws had during the race. Katie was running with Kristy--who flew out from Pittsburgh to be with us & run the race. During the first part of the race, she was already having problems with her hip, and was in a lot of pain. As the race went on it got harder. We did a loop that passed right by the Mesa Temple, so Katie said that she was looking at the Christus the first time around (about the 5-6 mile mark), and was telling Kristy to look at the Christus, and say a prayer for Him to help you. The second time around the loop--(now at the mile 11 mark) Katie said that Kristy was really struggling, and Katie was ahead of her a little bit, but as they passed the temple, Katie looked over and started to say a silent prayer again. Just as she did, she could hear Kristy behind her, talking out loud to her Savior, pleading for His help to make it through the race. It was just such a sweet moment, and brought tears for both of them. I love this story, because you know what? The Savior can help us--no matter the situation, no matter the time of day, no matter what we struggle with at that moment. The Savior is there for all of us--and He will help us do hard things! It was a hard thing that they did to finish that race, and I know that in that moment He strengthened them! What a great story, thanks girls for sharing! So proud of you for finishing!

Last but not least--not only did I beat the clock today, (that was easy, because I have never done this before, so I didn't really have a time to beat!)
At least for today, I am the winner! I wore my too tight jeans today too-- just because I lost .4 lbs.! Man, I felt skinny! (I couldn't breathe very well--but I still felt skinny)!
Here are some pictures:
It was such a beautiful day--we looked back and saw this around mile 1!
First (in our family) was SHAUN! on the left...
2nd came CHRIS! on the right...
3rd was KOHN! (who didn't get a picture taken with my camera so someone needs to email me one!!!)
Next came KARI & ME!
Then came DAVID!
Our whole group:
Me and my Running Buddy--Thanks Dave!
Here he is--the MAN #1, Dr. Greg! With part of his family! 2 3/4 out of 4 kids!
Dave was up to his old tricks again--right after the race!
Here I am--with my little runner's medal! I have state champion medals that probably don't mean as much to me as this one--I feel like this was much harder work this time around! It didn't come naturally like it used to! Here's to accomplishing a goal! We can do HARD THINGS! (BTW don't judge me for my appearance--I look like CRAP--and this outfit is pretty much anything but flattering--you should have seen me later with my skinny jeans & makeup on! Dang, I don't have an "after pic") Oh well!
And what do you think I had to eat when I got home??? Ummm--Krispy Kreme! What Else?


Heather said...

Good job for finishing! ONE day I will do it too! I gotta get motivated!

Natalie said...

Yay! I'm so glad to see all of your good pics! I might have to steal a few! Thx for letting me run with you was a GREAT day! SO so hard, but so so good. {never doing one again though}.

Krispy Kremes rock!

Keep up the political blog, please!

Yvette said...

Congratulations on just finishing! I think thats a big accomplishment in itself

kbhull said...

SO glad we did it but so glad it is over!!!
Hope you don't mind if I take a few pictures?!?!?!

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