Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Do YOU get it??

My teenager had to write a letter to a senator or congressman about an issue of her choice this week--and this is what she came up with all on her own, (I really didn't write this with her--or it would have been a lot longer, and a little less civil...) with a little research on the internet:

The Honorable Senator John McCain
241 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-0301

Dear Senator McCain:

I'll be honest with you; I'm just a fourteen year old Jr. High student from Gilbert, Arizona. However, that doesn't make me oblivious to the issues our country is dealing with, one of the largest ones being President Obama's healthcare plan. The reason I chose to write this letter is to persuade you to vote against any plan that socializes healthcare, and rally any support you can from fellow senators to vote against it.
In social studies, we learned how our government's setup was created by taking ideas from other forms of government that had worked before, and making it work. Doing this has made us the strongest country in the world. So I ask you this: when has socialized healthcare ever worked for any other country? Anyone would be able to tell from looking at statistics of other countries that socialized healthcare causes more problems than it solves. One problem is higher cost which creates higher taxes, adding even more to our 10 trillion and counting total national debt. And what generation will inherit all this debt? That would my fellow classmates and I. At this rate, we'll be in more debt than we could possibly repay in our whole lifetimes. Another issue concerns what our country was founded for: freedom. If people are forced to pay for a healthcare plan they don't want, and punished if they don't, isn't that similar to the government forcing the people to practice only one religion? It would be an unconstitutional violation of our rights to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Lastly, I'm concerned about the quality of the care. I'll use cancer as a an example; In the United States, cancer patients are treated almost immediately. In countries with socialized medicine, the patients have to wait somewhere between 3-9 months just to be treated. Oftentimes the cancer becomes untreatable during this period of time, and the patients die. If something as serious as cancer has months-long waiting period, imagine trying to get something simple taken care of. Will it really be for the greater good?
Again, I urge you to vote against any plan that would make the United States of America another country that has to deal with the pains of socialized healthcare. I know the Republicans are currently the minority party. But facts are facts, and both Democrats and Republicans should be educated on the effects of social healthcare before they make a vote that could change our whole country. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to reading your response.

Emie Allen

If she can do it--so can YOU! We need letters flooding the capitol before it's too late. If you need help drafting a letter, this website will help you put some of the more important points into it. Click HERE. Most importantly--this is an issue of FREEDOM! If this bill passes, you WILL pay more in taxes, and you WILL get less quality of care, and you will be FORCED to pay for it--or go to jail. PERIOD. Don't let them lie to you--when has a government program EVER worked the way it was supposed to??? And if they say it's going to cost 1 TRILLION dollars--you can be assured it will be 10X that--it always is. Pick up the phone and call--better yet, do what Emie did and WRITE. They need to hear from all of us this week!

1. Be sure to write via snail mail, no email, send it to them with a stamp on a dead tree!
2. House members can be addressed by name at:
House Office BuildingWashington DC, 20515

Senators at:
Senate Office BuildingWashington DC, 20510

You don’t need their room or anything. Go on--WRITE!

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